Friday, 17 January 2014

Sad News

Forgive my absence at the moment.

 My Dad has taken a turn for the worse.

The Doctor says he has a few days. The nurse says a few weeks.

However long he has I want to be there when I can.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Stylus Pens

Organisation and The HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus Pen

The ipad and the stylus - sounds like a fairytale!

Ok so lists and rotas and schedules that is what is has been for me the last week . I always knew going back to work full time would need to be a highly planned operation and one of the pleasures in this for me was always going to be the possibility of new stationery and accessories! Ok, Ok I know, humour me here if stationary does not rock your boat.

I have more pretty notebooks that a girl needs, but I find that I write lists even though I keep records on my ipad and phone as well. Belt and braces you know. I always write my christmas cards in a nice ink pen, but that isn't so practical for carrying around to school, so I had been looking at these hard working, multipurpose stylus pens. Mobile Fun kindly sent me this Hexstyli pen to review and it suits me down to the ground - I love it! Unfortunately my geek of an oldest son is now trying to prise it off me as it works on all his gadgets too so I am not sure how long it will be in my possession. He is trying the "it will help me with my school work" line. Hmmmm. Mobile Fun have a range of pens that are worth a look.

The omnidirectional stylus tip works beautifully on my ipad and iphone and also on my son's Samsung ( which I know some pens won't) and  the pen writes beautifully which is important to me - no ink splodges. There is a metric and imperial measure and a little spirit level. Under the stylus You will find a mini screwdriver - phillips and flat head tip. Perfect for those small jobs that are always needing to be done to re fit batteries!

You can buy the pen and refills from Mobile Fun here. I think it is on Pre Order at the moment as it has been so popular! I think I shall put an order in for another one before I lose this one to my son!

My conclusion is if you are a writer and a user of technology - at £11.99 this is a great , non expensive gadget. 

Comes in a great presentation box

Writes beautifully



Love this pen!

The note left for my OH most days!

Are you a stationery collector, a list maker or a gadget geek?

Note: No reply bloggers who leave links or unsavoury replies, however helpful they feel they are being, will be published at my discretion. I like stationery pEns and stationary cars by the spell check doesn't. Oh and capitals in the middle of words ? ;(

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A New Bag

Zara Bargain

Now that the kids are older I do find that I don't need to carry around a huge sack all the time. I saw this little bargain in Zara just before Christmas and although it wasn't the Michael Kors Selma I would really like, I fell for it! At £25 it wasn't going to break the bank either. It has a few pockets inside and is large enough to carry my daily essentials. It's not leather, but maybe I'll treat myself to my dream bag after I've worked out this contract for 6 months! I am not going to worry about it getting ruined in a busy classroom either.

Do you have a dream bag you have set your sights on in 2014?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

What has 2014 got in store ?

I feel quite excited about this year. We have some fairly difficult times behind us and are now able to enjoy our new kitchen. I officially start my new job on Friday, although as you know I got to start a little while before Christmas instead. This has worked to my advantage as I got to know the children really well and I found planning was a lot easier for this term.

We have set up some rules and regulations regarding the running of the house to try and make things easier now I am going to be out working every day - what's the chance that I'll end up doing everything anyway!? As you probably have guessed I love to be organised so there are a fair few rotas and schedules floating around. I'll let you know what works and what doesn't as time goes on!

We had a lovely break over Christmas - My OH had only taken a weeks break all year so it was much needed. We really relaxed and spent time together. Here are some of my Christmas highlights.

The decorated tree in our new kitchen

New PJs on Christmas Eve!

simple Christmas table

Christmas food

Fun and Games

First Aga flan

Beach walks

More fun and games


For me

And again for me. x

From mum to help keep us on track!

Happy New Year!