Tuesday, 31 July 2012

30 with 30 Week 7

Week 5 for me.

It has, at last, been a lovely hot week so I have gone for summer outfits this week. I love this skirt when it is hot . It is a raw silk skirt and although lined is so lightweight it is delightfully cool.

Outfit One:

Spotty top - Zara
Grey skirt - Stills
Shoes - Clarks
Bag - Russell and Bromley

Outfit Two

Spotted sleeveless shirt -  Numph
Skirt - Stills
Shoes - Clarks

Outfit 3

Skirt - Jackpot
T.Shirt - Jackpot
Shoes - Fly
Necklace and Earrings - Divine
Sunnies - French Connection

Monday, 30 July 2012

Music Monday

A few days late as I forgot to press publish on my timed post! Still learning!! X

Music Monday - What's playing on your ipod today?

On my ipod this week it is Daniel Bedingfield - James Dean ( I wanna Know..)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Camping Trip!

The weather we are having at the moment has made me look forward to rather than dread our annual camping trip next week. I am not particularly stoic when it comes to roughing it and am rather of the opinion that a holiday ought to include a few home comforts along the way. I know, life doesn't depend on them etc etc .However I take one look at the enjoyment spread all over my kids faces and I have to man up and get on with it!

On the positive side we do now have a tent that can be seen from outer space and have collected a lot of useful gadgets over the years that ease the job quite considerably. I do quite enjoy sleeping under canvas and eating outdoors so this year I am going to be firm on the OCD elements that stop me from relaxing and follow these rules:

1. Take plenty of alcohol.
2. Don't take chocolate ( it melts and tastes foul and then you sulk for hours)
3. Take tins of food from M and S and just boil rice or pasta to go with them.
4. Take dry shampoo and hairbands and forget about hair.
4. Take a good tinted moisturiser, lip tint and mascara and go minimal!
5. Take water pistols and spend time with the kids.

Wish me luck!!

p.s My usual weekly posts will still be around so please continue to visit me. Loving getting to know you all. XX

Friday, 27 July 2012

What's in my make up bag?

Another round of  "What's in my....." series. This time under the spotlight is my make up bag! 

I don't keep my everyday make up in a cupboard or boxes as I like to be mobile  in the morning when I am in a rush ( Read manic mother, tearing about house trying to dress three children, getting breakfast, making packed lunches, putting  a load of washing on,  helping with last minute homework, finding last minute homework etc etc) . I try and keep in my make up bags just the products that I am using regularly in case I need to grab my bag and put my make up on whilst multi tasking.  I have also been known to throw them in the car and finish my make up at my destination having dropped the kids off at school wearing only rather large sunglasses as a disguise - you know those kind of mornings. Or is that just me?

I should imagine I am no different from the next person in that the contents of my make up bag change on a fairly regular basis. I keep a selection of unused, part used or unwanted at the moment make up items in a large chest of drawers on our landing which I periodically rummage through if I want something. Ikea dividers are great for keeping things organised in drawer. If I need easy access to anything then I do prefer to have things on show that I enjoy looking at, so I also have a few pretty pots to keep make up brushes, lip glosses etc in . I picked these up from a local garden shop - they fit in with the grey theme of our bedroom! 

So What's in my make up bag ( s) ? These are the two bags I have on the go at the moment:

As you can see I keep them together in a small wicker basket. This is on a painted wooden chest at the end of our bed. The chest is an old blanket box that my Grandmother had seen in a shop window and saved up to buy for £15 many years ago when she was a newly wed. She died a couple of years ago at the grand old age of 102. I love this chest . It was mahoghany , but is white now and is shabby chic at it's best!

The larger of the two bags is a floral oil cloth bag .

This smaller bag was part of a 3 for the price of 2 offer from Boots . I love the square shape of it and it is really convenient for carrying the smaller items of make up.

 I am not big on practicality over style! I like things to look beautiful  ( think-  this is what I aim for, not the reality) . I don't like clutter and a load of boxes containing items piled up in corners of bathrooms for storage does not appeal .It would descend into a complete battle zone with me flinging things randomly out across the room as I searched for something! I like the size of the beauty boxes for storage as these fit nicely into drawers. I do tend to pass things on , use things up and generally de clutter as often as possible to avoid a back log of items. Being ruthless is the only answer. What I do have I like to display attractively or store where it can be got at easily, but it is not seen. 

So in my larger bag I have primers, lipsticks, foundations, tinted moisturisers, concealers, eye liners pencils,mascarsa,brow pencils,  eye drops, lip stains and gloss.

In the smaller bag I have my eye shadows and blushers and a couple of eye creams.

Rather than boring you with a list of everything I have picked out a few products I am loving and I think are real winners at the moment. The Revelon Colorstay range is really lovely. Does what it says - stays put! I have a Soap and Glory eye shadow primer as well to maximise colour and help it last. The Soap and Glory range under eye dark shadow concealer is great too. Apparently it has yellow tones that help neutralise the purple tones in those dark shadows - works well and is creamy and moisturising.



If you had to pick only one item from your make up bag to wear today what would it be?

Mine would have to be mascara. My favourite Makeup product of all at the moment is Benefits Bad Gal lash mascara - love this chunky brush lash building mascara - best I've had......And I won't leave the house with a dash of mascara!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I do have sensitive, dry skin and struggled for years to find a brand that I was happy with . Although I can be a little more flexible now with the make up I use ,the creams I put on my skin can cause reactions that can unsettle my skin for weeks . When trying a new product I will look very carefully at what is in them and always ask for a sample first so I can test it before I buy a full size product.

Dermalogica is a brand that is excellent for sensitive skin and I find does not dry it out. I use a lot of products from this range and have done for many years now. I had wanted a daily scrub , but find many of the products available simply too rough for my fair skin and left me red and sore. Dermalogicas daily microfoliant does not do that - it is gentle enough to be used every day and does leave my skin smoother and brighter.

 I find to provide an even base for make up , using a gentle microfoliant is essential.  For me it is just not possible to use a harsher scrub every day - I might get away with it once a month . 

I follow this microfoliant with Dermalogicas skin smoothing cream. You don't need to overload your skin with good quality products.  I learnt this the hard way. If you are having problems with your skin breaking out it may be that you are just putting too much on it or using it too often. I find a thin layer of a good quality cream that your skin can absorb is much better for it than piling on loads of cheaper creams  that sit on the surface of your skin. A bottle of dermalogica can last me months . I get mine from Look Fantastic as you can get great discounts as a member. Check out Savoo for their codes for money off vouchers to be used at Look Fantastic as well. I've learnt over the years that it is actually more cost effective to buy a slightly more expensive product and use it all, than to buy lots of cheaper ones that you never finish and you can always get it cheaper by shopping around.

And the science!! The benefits of using a microfoliant/gentle scrub are that it gets rid of dead skin and impurities that can lead to a build up in your skin that in turn can lead to blemishes and blackheads. It also improves the skins ability to renew cells to help make your skin refreshed and glowing and tightens the skin which can help combat the early signs of ageing....yes please!

To use, after cleansing, you just add a little to wet hands and create a creamy paste. You apply to your face in circular motions for about a minute and then rinse with warm water. Simple. I've tried to show what it looks like dry and wet in these photos.

There are some really good microfoliants/scrubs out there and I have linked to a site below that gives a review of their top suggestions - do you use any of these? What are they like?


Do you use a scrub/ microfoliant? 

How often do you use it?

*(This post is not a sponsored post.)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

30 with 30 week 6

Week 4 for Me - Corals!

As I confessed, I did sneakily purchase a beautiful coral/orange scarf this week . I was so pleased to finally get out of the house after weeks of rain and sick children I couldn't leave something so beautiful in the shop , especially at the bargain price of £9.99! I have used it in my coral based outfits this week instead of my pink scarf in my original 30. I also picked up a lovely coral top a few months ago from a charity shop for a couple of pounds that it looks perfect with. Always up for a bargain! 

The weather here has improved dramatically so we are heading into summer outfits at last. Not before time as it won't be long before Autumn arrives ..... flipping English weather. The breeze is still cool along the sea front here so a scarf is always handy to have to throw on .....

Love at first sight.

Outfit 1. 

I live in this sort of outfit in the summer holidays, switching the longer sleeves for short when it is warm enough.

Fat face striped top
Spotted scarf
Coral skinnies Rebublic
Lipstick - 'Ohh la la' for Top shop in all 3 Outfits.

I can suffer from constant migraines so you will rarely see me without sunglasses in the sun - these are French Connection ones.

Outfit Two

LK Bennet Dress
Coral Scarf - Fransa
Pumps - Next
Belt - Off Coral Trousers
Nail varnish - Nail girls - bronze from July JolieBox


Outfit 3

LK Bennett Dress
Divine necklace and earrings
Dune heels
( My eyes are glazing over in this photo because of the sun lol!!!)

4 more weeks to go......then a lovely new Autumn wardrobe do you think?!

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Walkmen - Heartbreaker

Music Monday - What's playing on your ipod this week?

On my ipod this week it is The Walkmen with - Heartbreaker

Sunday, 22 July 2012

30 with 30 confession!


What's a girls to do when presented with this in the window of one of your favourite stores?

I live 15 minutes away from a small town, 30 minutes away from the city. I weighed it up, safer to go to the small town where there are only really two clothes shops that will lure me in and break my resolve not to spend. First time out properly since being stuck inside with poorly children and look what I come up against -  this simply is not fair play! I had to have a little look - it would have been wrong not to ......I did pretty well to only come out with .....


They are gorgeous and so comfy! Such a lovely graphite grey colour from Sandwich and only £42 from nearly £100 - bargain! And the coral scarf just fell into the bag too - splash of colour and all that. Sorry guys - fell off the wagon. Now back on it proper promise. XXXX

Saturday, 21 July 2012

What's in my handbag?

OK so making myself a little vulnerable here so be kind to me! I have to admit to those who don't know it yet I have a serious weakness for handbags.  If I had to choose between all of my fashion loves I think this one would be pretty much near , if not at, the top!
Having said that I don't have hoards of bags festering in the back of my closet - once they have lost favour with me I am very fickle and do sell them on e.bay to fund my next little purchase. At any one time I only have about three or four bags , plus a few clutch bags and possibly some fabric shoppers loitering about....umm so a fair few really. What is normal then? I don't know.....

Anyway , my current , in favour, totally in love with and I will keep for ever bag ( until I change it for another from the same store) is my Kate Spade bag from the Covent Garden Store. Did you know there are now three stores in London and they do an on line service!? ( Just thought I'd drop that right in there) Check out the American website for options and ring the London store for stock ( numbers on the Ameican site) - £7 for delivery.

Now I warn you I am a carry everything you ever need kind of girl! After I took this photo I thought 'why wasn't this or that in the photo' until I realised that I hadn't needed it on that particular day. I change the contents of my bag a lot depending on where I am going - that's how obsessed I am!

So - on THIS particular day ( that happened to be a day of clubs for the boys) I had in my bag:

and of course my phone ( Not an iphone - I am a Samsung Galaxy S2 convert - love it!!!!!)

Kitchen sink come to mind? I used to carry a change bag with all the baby/child crap  stuff as well - imagine that! 

So a break down for the really nosey of you ( like me) :

Laura Ashley Make up bag :

1. Match Perfection by Rimmel
2. Lip and Cheek Stain by Body Shop
3. Chubby Stick by Revlon
4. Benefit Mascara
5. Hand Held Mirror
6. Ren Hand Cream sample
7. Rose Otto Lip Salve 
8. Jolie Nail File
9. Tweezers
10. Estee Lauder mini perfume sensuous

1. Paperchase Bag with painkillers, plasters and monthly girly essentials in!
2. Antibacterial wipes.
3. Antibacterial Hand Gel.
4. Tangle Teezer. ( Review on these coming!)

1. Ipad - I take this with me whenever I go to clubs so I can catch up on e.mail/work whilst the kids play tennis /swim etc.
2. Karen Millen Purse - this has my credit and debit cards in, my supermarket cards and anything I need instant access to ! My cash and notes.

1. Graffiti Card Holder - for all mine and the kids  membership cards ( there are so many it makes my purse too bulky to have them in there) 3 for tennis, 2 for leisure, driving license,4 library cards , 4 for theme park membership - you get my drift!! I am not organised enough to only pick the ones up I need on the day!
2. Cath Kidston Card Holder - business cards
3. Card Kidston - pencil case - holds a couple of pens and stops them leaking over my lovely bag!
4. Notepad.

1. Cath Kidston Umbrella - in case it rains
2. Prada sunglasses - in case it is sunny
3. Book - in case I read it ( not always with me!)
4.Extra bag - in case I when I shop
5.Cath Kidston tape measure ( for measuring furniture in old junk yards!)

So there you have it ! I know I could chuck out half of what I lug about with me, but then I know that would be what I end up needing. School runs often see me just with my purse and phone and thats it as we live only 5 mins from the school gate . I'm in that stage of life after school hours when I spend hours ferrying my kids around to clubs and friends houses and waiting whilst they play tennis, football, cricket, swim etc so my ipad, phone, book or something to occupy me/catch up with work during that time is essential. If I have my little girl with me then I have pencils , paper, scissors etc to occupy her as well! The joy! I actually think this is a lovely age and would love to freeze my kids just as they are for a little longer - they grow up far too fast! Sigh!

So - anyone else fill their bag with as much rubbish as me ?

What do you carry with you every day?

Friday, 20 July 2012

July JolieBox

With an extra product too!

With the late arrival of last months box I hadn't expected my Joilebox to arrive this morning so it was a lovely treat - especially with end of term today! As an apology for last months mix up they have added an extra product in too and a lovely one at that. I think this months box is a winner.

The products are:

1. Etat Pur - Biomimetic Skincare B09 Express purifying mask - This intensive mask purifies the skin by absorbing toxins, impurities and excess sebum in the skin.

2. Jane Iredale - Tantasia self tanner - A moisturising self - tanner for the face and body that provides an instant healthy looking colour.

3. NailGirls - Two metallic mini - polishes from the Medal Collection inspired by the Olympics . I have bronze and silver in mine.

4. Wen by Caz Dean - Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner. Bursting with natural herbs and botanicals .This single step, cleansing conditioner leaves hair looking and feeling deeply cleansed and nourished at the same time.

5. Toe dividers.

6. Voucher for Etat Pur for 10 % off + 3 free samples.

7.  One extra product ! KMS  California - Hot Flex Spray . Flexible shaping and elastic hold. Unlimited heat styling without the damage. Humidity resistance, anti breakage. I am very excited to try this product out - hoping it does not disappoint!

think this is a really great box . I can use everything in this box so will be working my way through these products. I will let you know if any turn out to be real winners.

I am also exploring uses for my empty boxes - I have a bit of an obsession for notebooks, boxes, stationary, pots etc . Paperchase is one of my favourite stores! So I love these useful little boxes! Glasses in one. Magazine free samples in another. 

What do you use yours for?

Jolibox you have redeemed yourself this month - one happy customer! 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

"What's in my ......".series.

Since starting my blog , one of the things I read time and time again is that it is important to let people get to know you through your blog. One of the ways I feel I have gained an insight into other people and their lives is through their " whats in my......" series. Maybe I am just a bit nosey, but I love these posts!! So I thought I would start a regular " Whats's in my....." series until I run out of ideas!

What's on my bedside table?

I saw this post on Honey's Mummy and thought I would share whats on mine. Partly because I have been there - with a young baby or child, when all your bedside table has room for is a collection of books to do with babys and baby routines, breast pads and pumps, a monitor, wet wipes, sudacrem, the odd bottle of calpol etc ( remember those days??!)  Now, although my table still has the odd night where it regresses to this state - particularly if my youngest is sick, I do feel I have regained something of my pre baby days. Having had a quick tidy up my bedside table looks like this :

1. A sturdy clock radio with ipod ( set to loud to make sure I get wake up.)
2. Bath House Hand Cream - a birthday present from my husband
3. Lip balm by Island apothecary
4. L'Occitane hydration creme from my June Joilebox.
5. Candle from the White Company
6. Cup of tea
7. Pictures of my children
8. Nail File from Joliebox
9. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

On the floor next to my bed is more revealing!

I did mention I was a magazine junkie didn't I ?!!Copies of Red, Vogue, Easy Living, Elle and Glamour magazines, a few books on style and fashion and kids discipline, and also usually my ipad for sleepless nights.

What does your bedside table look like now?!