Tuesday, 17 July 2012

30 with 30 week 5

Week 3 for me!

Well I am doing great on the 'not buying anything' - although with everybody posting about the bargains to be had in the sales it is testing my resolve terribly! It is the old case of "Do I want it or do I need it!!?" I can't take too much credit for this as I have been somewhat stuck at home with children suffering from chicken pox so have not been near any decent shops for a while. The ability to go shopping will be curtailed completely from next weekend anyway as all three children break up for what I will loosely call the 'Summer' break! ( rain, rain, rain) . This is the rainy sight most of us in England are seeing daily at the moment in one setting or another.


However , the idea of a girls weekend trip to London has been mentioned so I shall continue my ' no spend' only until then. Full stop.

The money I save can go towards fixing my camera which I managed to pull off the side and knock to the floor whilst vacuuming and now will not focus at all - gutted. So my photos today are relegated to phone or ipad - interesting . You can also tell I have still not painted the over bright wardrobe - job pending!

Another weather related confession, is swapping a couple of items out of my original 30 - my heavier denim jacket for a lighter, fitted Zara jacket, as although the rain keeps coming, the temperatures are lifting. I have also swapped my heavier For All Mankind jeans for lighter Zara jeans.

Outfit 1 - Spots and Stripes.

Zara jeans with zip at ankle
Fat face striped top
Zara jacket with blue striped lining and green edged sleeves.
Blue spotted scarf
Yellow Shoes ( now in the sale at Clarks, sold out online, but still in some stores)
Silver necklace and earrings
Rose bracelet
An attempt at a messy bun!

Zara is my go to store at the moment for everyday jackets that are reasonably priced ( All of these were under £40) and not too dressy for everyday wear. I think a light jacket can make a jeans and T shirt combination into an outfit. Add a scarf, some fabulous shoes and a statement bag and you are good to go! I also always have in the back of my mind when buying for every day that I am around children and my clothes need to be practical - not anything I will be concerned about spoiling. I always think simple is best - don't over clutter your outfit. If your outfit is bright, keep your jewelley classic and simple. If your outfit is plain, go for a statement item of jewellery. Everybody is different. I find if I add too much it kinda swallows me up!

These are two of my other Zara jacket faithfuls in my closet:

Outfit 2 - Colour Blocking.

Zara blue jacket
Coral top
Great Plains Skirt
White Wedges
Same jewellery as above

If you are on the look out for a jacket or blazer at the moment check a few of these out at the Zara sale:

If you want to join in with the 30 with 30 challenge see the link in my side bar or go to From My Grey Desk


  1. I love Zara too.
    I have been doing 31 for 31 and swapped some of my items as well.
    My white sun dress for one !

    1. Now it is getting warmer I am tempted to wear lighter things that aren't in my 30 - we'll see how we get on next week with the warmer weather predicted! X

  2. Outfit One is my fave today - jacket, jeans, t-shirt and scarf! Love that messy bun too - wish I had enough hair to do that - mine's just messy - full stop! Also love the biker jacket - go on girl! xx

    1. Trying to grow my hair - takes so long.....I love that biker jacket and it was a steal too at £39.99! I The older I get , the more I choose to wear just what I love.! Rebel! xx

  3. Love your outfits and those yellow clarks shoes, I had looked at them online a while back, really should have bought them! Also in awe of your stripe jacket and Sale time is the wrong time to do a challenge just incase you see a real bargain!

    1. Thank you ! They are so comfy too - padded soles! I am going to struggle this week as my poorly child is back at school from tomorrow and I can get out to the shops again- oh dear may not be able to resist much longer.....x