Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Multi Tasking Make up- the lip stain.

One of the things I am increasingly looking for in my make up products is items that have a dual purpose . Getting make up to multi task is a sure way of saving money and time in the mornings. A lip product that can be used as a blush, an eye pencil to fill in brows,  a lip balm or Vaseline that straightens stray hairs and can be used to highlight. Mascara that can be used as an eye pencil by popping a bit in your hand and applying with an angled brush. Macs cream colour bases that can be used on eyes , lips and cheeks. I could go on...

My go to product for this multitasking is the lip stain, but you have to be careful to get the right one .  The stain that you can use on both your lips and cheeks is perfect to have in your handbag to top up tired make up later in the day. My favourite of all time is this beautiful deep rose lip and cheek stain from the Body Shop. It does not come out as red as it looks like it might from the picture. It costs £10, but check out some of the deals and vouchers available for the Body Shop as you will be likely to get it for less. ( See Recommended Sites in my side panel)

It is not too vibrant , yet gives colour that is lasting and is easy to reapply when needed. It can be simply dotted across the cheeks and quickly blended with your fingers for that gentle glow . A quick slick on the lips quickly soaks in to give colour - if you want a bit of shine then I add a clear gloss on top - ideal. I would suggest practising at home first as a stain is a stain and you don't want a Bridget Jones make up moment! I think this brings back memories of my mum's simple , but effective style of make up , bringing elegance to her outfits with a quick dash of rose to her lips and cheeks and lashings of black mascara . She embodied the 'less is more' principle.

I'd not, until recently, found another product that was really comparable to this Body Shop stain as it is an actual liquid stain and many of the others are more of a solid stain and gloss or balm. However, I've found that Soap and Glory do a similar stain in their make up range in an adorable little tube.

 It comes out a little more of a cherry colour, described as Rosy Glow and the only negative about it is the initial taste - a little sour I would say, but this instantly disappears. It is recommended for use on cheeks and lips. I didn't find it lasted as long as the Body Shop product, but lovely as an alternative. Boots have an offer on this range . If you buy two products you get the second product half price. Ideal. Of course I picked  the Trick and Treatment Under Eye Dark Circle Concealer.

The other stain I enjoy at the moment which is more creamy in texture, is in Revlon's " Just Bitten Kissable" range - a Chubby crayon like lip stain/balm . This comes in a variety of colours which is another bonus. See Boots for a good selection and £2 off.

 Revlon also do a lip stain in this "Just Bitten"range with a separate balm at the other end of the product. I found the stain in this one quite strong. When I first tried it out on my hand it wouldn't come off until I took a wet wipe quite firmly to it! That of course means  it should have staying power, but felt a little too harsh for what I was looking for!  The applicator looks like the tip of a felt pen making it easy to apply to lips - good as you wouldn't want to make a mistake in the application with this !  See here for details. £2 off again at Boots.

One of my other favourites of course has to be a Mac product. They do a range of pro longwear lip colour that has two steps to apply.The first is the colour, the second the gloss. This is not really a stain, but acts like one in that it leaves a long lasting colour on your lips that has a lovely deep pigment. Again , although fabulous as a longlasting lip colour I would be hesitant about using this on my cheeks unless you are very good or professional at applying make up in this way. It doesn't come off too easily if you make a mistake! See here for details.

My Winner!

I think there are many products that now will label themselves a lip stain, but for me few that live up to the simplicity that I would associate a lip stain being. For me it needs purely and simply to be a product that stains , nothing fancy like a gloss or a balm. It becomes a different product then. So, the one that still ticks all the boxes for me is :

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

What Multi tasking product do you have in your make up bag?

Don't forget with all of your Beauty and Fashion purchases to check out the recommended sites at the side of my blog. These sites offer money off products and latest vouchers to claim. Worth checking out.


  1. Good selection there! I've got the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain but am now also liking the look of the Soap and Glory Cheekmate! x

    1. It is such a sweet little tube - the packaging gets me every time with that range! x

  2. I'm going to try the Body Shop one! My go to multitasking product is a Clinique bronzer. I can use it for eyes, cheeks and in a jam, I can even put it under a clear lip gloss. Lifesaver!

  3. I will be takiing a BodyShop Lip/Cheek stain with me on holiday. I got it free in a magazine and it's been brilliant.

  4. I've been meaning to visit the Body Shop for some lotions and now I'm going to check out this multi tasking little wand. I've been wanting to try a liquid blusher instead of my old powder standby.
    I have a bronzer I love made by Benefit. It's called "10" and it can be used on cheeks, brow, upper lid, etc... very soft sheen which I like.

  5. I'm just discovering Benefit and beginning to love it - will check out that bronzer too . Thanks for the tip!

  6. I have the Body Shop lip and cheek tint in the other colour~ bronze glimmer! I love it, just a shame it's never in their sale!! Xx

    1. Its a nice colour but a bit sparkly for the cheeks! You'll have to grab a Body shop voucher off Savoo when it next comes up. Anyway when we going to London my shopping buddy!? XX