Tuesday, 10 July 2012

30 with 30 Challenge

This Weeks Outfits

Well I have made it through the week without a clothes purchase made - and there are plenty of bargains to be had at the moment with the summer sales on so it has been a bit of a stretch. The two L.K Bennett dresses I have in my 30 are both in the sale at the moment as well ( The coral one I got in the sale , but the wrap around I paid full price for - arrrgh).  They have some really lovely adaptable dresses and the prices will drop again, but I'm not buying...... yet!

   However , having gone through my closet I have realised how many lovely clothes I do have and have had fun putting things together in different combinations . The biggest issue at the moment is the weather - it is like winter here - wet, miserable and often cold too. I'm am soldiering on with my summer shoes, but am so tempted to revert to my winter boots.....damp feet on the school run is just miserable! I'm sure there will come a point with this challenge where it will become tricky to stay motivated, but at the moment I am enjoying the freedom of having less to choose from - it has made getting ready in the mornings a lot faster.

My outfits this week despite the rain, starting smart and getting more casual,adding more layers as the week went on!!

Outfit One:

Great Plains horse motif cardigan
Stills Skirt
Dune Heels
Silver necklace and earrings

Outfit two:

Great Plains Horse Motif Cardigan
Great Plains Coral Skirt
Fly White wedges
Silver necklace and earrings

 Outfit three:

Coral Skinnys
Spotted Blouse
Denim Jacket
White Wedges
Silver Necklace and earrings

Sneaky pose from my little girl - Luminous leggings!!


  1. Bit random isn't it, but I love it!! ( sale bargain too of course!) x

  2. Claire you look so glam! I daren't tell you what I do the school run in - just my jeans and t's. In fact I never seem be out of my jeans! How cute is your little one - wish my girl was still that age! x

  3. Ahh thanks , but only this week ( shhhh) - had the school plays etc - back to the jeans again tomorrow! So fed up of being wet through I have been in my winter boots today :( So ready for the end of term and some SUN!

  4. I just love the fashion posts! Hope you keep them coming. Thank you for swinging by my blog to say hello. Let's see how you style those gardening gloves! ;)

  5. Lovely outfits...you look fabulous! Hope you are having a good week:)
    ~Anne xx