Sunday, 15 June 2014

Rose hydrating mist by Aromatheray

I have been on the hunt for a rose water toner forever. Everything I looked at had such a high alcohol content in that I steered well clear.

Then I came across this....

Rose Hydrating Mist by Aromatherapy Associates

It was quite tricky to find the ingredients when I was ordering, but when I finally did it isn't too bad at all . The main ingredient is rose water . It can be used as a spray or you can apply to a cotton pad then swipe across the face. It can also be use to revive skin over make up . It is filling the gap I had in my routine for a toner when I don't want to use my liquid gold or exfoliating toners.

Gentle and hydrating - job done.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish

Frugal Friday ( or just a good deal!)

As you know I am a regular user of Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish. I won't review it again as it has been done many a time already!

However, I seem to always return to some basic products of Liz Earle even after straying to other brands for a season. Their haircare and skincare is just so sound that I like to use it as my baseline for beauty care. 

Last month I picked up the special addition tin as it was the best use of money. You get a few muslin cloths and a large 150ml container of product. Now the warmer weather is approaching I tend to use muslin cloths rather than a flannel - no reason for this other than the flannel can get too hot! I love the pump dispenser in this style too. It is far easier to judge quantities and not overuse it.

I am also, on the advice of a friend, using the tin as a money box to save my £2 coins for my next treat.

At present I am rotating my 3 favourite cleansers....

Balance me cleanse and smooth face balm ( review coming)

Ritessens milk cleanser 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Have you tried the summertime  "flavour" of Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, in orange flower  and chamomile?

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Summer Term

On the day before we return to school for the last half term of the academic year there is always a mixture of emotions running through my household. Nerves, excitement, intrepidation, disappointment. This year it is intensified as my role has changed. 

We are looking forward to the summer together, the extended evenings, the BBQs, the hope of better weather, but wedged in between stretches eight weeks of term. Yes EIGHT weeks. It is a long haul this year.

We have had fun during this half term break and over Easter together. We got away to Cornwall for a family break and have spent time chilling out and recovering from having a house full of builders for months on end. Here are some snapshots of our time off.......

Life is settling into a pattern and we are becoming more accustomed to being a household with two parents working. However, everything hangs by a thread which is easily broken when a child is sick or a parent away or over worked. The ideal certainly would be for one of us to be part time to hold the fort at home a little better!
I am so fortunate in that I love my job - it is a vocation to me. I get engrossed in it, so much so that I have to stop myself from becoming too involved at times. I have to set a time to go home and stick to it as the job is never done, ever!

We have just finished the home office for my husband. The carpet goes in tomorrow so we can move him out of the living room! This means we can claim back another room in our house. I can't wait. Although we have paid someone to do this room I have been painting again and have taken before and after photos for you to see the transformation later this week. Slowly we are re gaining our whole house. By the summer things should be almost normal again.

I can't wait!