About me

My name is Claire, I am a married mum of three gorgeous kids - 11, 9 and 5 . Two boys and one girl. I have been married to my long suffering husband for 14 years. We live in a fabulous village with a little school, shop and play park - idyllic! Our house is lovely, but despite having poured much money into it over the years it still needs a lot of finishing - still we love it in all its shabbiness as it is our home.

I am returning to teaching after many years of being at home raising a family. It is the start of a new phase for me, exciting, but daunting at the same time!

  I love anything to do with beauty and make up and especially since having kids I see the importance of making that bit of effort to feel good about yourself.

I also have a bit of an obsession about never paying too much for anything. I'm always scurrying around looking for ways to cut our costs and save a bit of money here and there - probably motivated by how expensive 3 children are! I am never happier than having an afternoon to myself to scour the charity and second hand furniture stores for bargains and then to spend a few days renovating my finds to create real treasures.

   Come see my ramblings as I begin this blogging journey - I've met so many amazing people already - who knew?! If I did I would have blogged years ago ........loving it! X


  1. Good for you!! I look forward to following your blog xx

  2. Its great to meet you. Adding you to my blog roll, so I'll be visiting again for sure.

    1. I've been enjoying your fashion hints too ! X

  3. Hello! Lovely to meet you - fully signed up :o).

  4. Stumbled upon your blog via 'doesmybumlook40' It looks good, can't wait to get reading it!

  5. So pleased to have just discovered your blog and hoping you have had a great Christmas! I'll look forward to visiting you over 2013! x

  6. A lady after my own heart when it comes to bargains & charity shopping :) Really glad I stumbled across your blog & I am looking forward to reading more on bloglovin soon. I myself will be starting a blog very soon just getting it all together now.