Thursday, 31 May 2012


Rustled up a wrap around Jubilee skirt for my 4 year old from a £3.00 flag from B and Q. Bargain!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Benefit Tinted Moisturiser

I have always used Dermalogicas tinted moisturiser in their lightest shade which I love. It comes in three shades so you can pick the depth of colour you want.  I would also suggest that you sign up as a member to Look Fantastic to get the best price on Dermalogica products as well as many other brand name beauty products. As I had squeezed out the last drop of my latest tube of Dermalogica, I decided on a whim to try something new. I have a few Benefit products and do get on with them, so whilst out on a shopping trip with a friend I purchased this.... 

Benefit Tinted Moisturiser

In this range there is a standard tinted moisturiser that is apparently suitable for all, but I went for the 'lite' version being fair skinned. Look Fantastic sells both these products, although the price is not discounted from what I paid for it in Boots on this occasion. I wanted something with a little more colour for the summer, as I don't tan and wear factor 50 on my face to prevent burning, being so fair, and this does carry a gentle hint of summer colour. My skin has not reacted to it either so I guess it is a fairly gentle and natural product and it definitely adds moisture - always good in my book! It is pretty thick and creamy and gives a little more coverage and colour than perhaps I am used to, but it gives a nice dewy finish that doesn't seem to clog or dry out during the day. It contains vitamin A and E and it also has a SPF15 so that is another bonus. My verdict is that it is certainly worth a try.

Summer Colour

I'm loving the colour that is appearing in our garden at the moment!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Music Monday - What's Playing on Your ipod this Week?

This week on my ipod is Keane.


Selling and Buying on E.Bay

The delights of e.bay are actually a fairly new discovery for me I have to admit. I had been pretty sceptical about selling anything ( what would anyone want with my hand me downs?) . I could spend hours , however, trawling through pages of handbags or maxi dresses or bundles of kids clothes that were obviously other peoples unwanted treasures, but hadn't often jumped head first into the bidding arena. Once I did,what I didn't bargain for was the thrill of the chase and that nerve racking, addictive activity of..... the bidding war. 

Actually, let's be honest, it is the whole process that is appealing - selecting your item, watching it for days, certain in the knowledge that you have bagged a bargain, unknown to you that 15 other people are also stalking watching, just waiting to launch their bid in those final crucial seconds, snatching your item from your hands without a thought or a care. And yes, Ive done it to many a person too! E.bay gazumping -  the racing heart, the decision about when to place that final bid to claim your prize, it is almost addictive in it's nature and always pushes you beyond what you wanted to pay. 

I've won some bargains though - a beautiful cane bag with silver handles and a stripy green lining for 99p and £2.00 postage, a new Zara spotty skirt for £3.00, various lego items that you can't get in the shops any longer that I find my eldest son is watching on my account. When I log in to see how my designer item is doing, I have to rifle amongst pages of Star Wars lego models and Bionicles to find the item I am watching!

Having mastered the complicated arena of 'buying', I decided rather tentatively to have a go at selling some of my junk  treasures that I no longer needed. I had a sort out and listed a few bits rather painlessly on line. To my surprise I managed to sell almost all I listed - one item, a Joules Gillet that I had worn and worn reached almost the price I had paid for it new. I hasten to add it was still in lovely condition, but I was surprised by my rookie success! I have since gone on to sell all sorts - shoes, books, bundles of kids clothes, my clothes, bags, purses, sports stuff - anything I no longer need .  At the moment I am using it as an opportunity to save for an ipad - I am up to £407 in my account . Not bad for hand me downs!

I have learnt along the way that I am a pretty obsessive neat freak. I cannot just throw a package together and post it, no, I have to wrap it nicely with tissue and brown paper, despite the fact this costs me more to do! Where is the logic in that ? I guess nowhere. Another one of those -' I accept that's what I'm like ' things . Anyway , what I have learnt and what I'd suggest, for what it's worth is: ( and always open to learn more.....)

- Group your items in blocks of about 5- 10 so you don't get overwhelmed when they all sell at once and you have to package and post them on the same day!
- Keep your listing descriptions very clear, accurate and honest. 
- Always list as 'used' unless your item is new without a shadow of doubt! Just because you haven't worn it for a year doesn't mean it is new.
- Take as many good and clear photos as you can - these will sell your item.
- Print a packing slip off paypal - all the info you need is on there.
- Leave a couple of days between listing groups of items to give some space for people to pay and for you to complete your posting.
- Give a time limit to when you expect to be paid.
- Try and combine as many items as possible to a trip to the post office otherwise you will find you live there.
- If you are unsure about cost/post and package use the post calculator or check other listings. This is important so you don't out price yourself.
- Always wash and iron clothes - buyers will return to a good seller.
- Pack things well and neatly.
- Leave feedback after the buyer has left you feedback.
-Don't be tempted to spend all your profit back on items on e.bay that you don't need!
-If the thought of non payers bother you - Use e.bays preferences to block buyers who don't have a paypal account - this cuts down non payers ( this has happened to me!)
-If a buyer queries something after a sale , is it worth an argument? Keep things pleasant, it is worth it in the end.
- Don't bother with negative feedback in my opinion - you will only receive it back. No one is really interested in the reasons why. Move on.

I could go on, but give it a go if you haven't - I can understand why some people make it into a business- there is profit to be made! Here are some pictures of my latest stash on it's way to the postoffice.

Happy Bidding Happy Selling!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Wednesday Beauty Buys - a product review.

The second shorter weekly post will be on a beauty product I'm trying. I'm no expert, but like many of us , it is one of my little weaknesses - I love " smellies".  I am putting my Bath Sancutary Spa Hand Mask on every few nights at the moment , gloves and all, and the thought so far is that it is making a difference....a final result on that one in a few weeks. Another little bargain I noticed online today was that Mumsnet co buy has a great deal on a 6 month She Said Beauty Box - £32.50 instead of £48.60. Worth registering for Mumsnet anyway as they have all sorts of money off deals on a regular basis.

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle filler

So - thats all an aside! Now for the review! This stuff is amazing. You have to try it. I wasn't even looking for this exactly but it has made my hair shine for the first time in a very long time.... it is for blonde hair or hair with blonde tones in it so not for everyone.  It is billed as a spray in protector, strengthener, reparative lotion that you spray on damp hair before blow drying. It smells AMAZING...and leaves your hair feeling very silky soft and conditioned. Ive been using it for about a month now and I'm sold on it. It sells for about £15 , but worth every penny . I'm going to give their shampoos a try when my existing bottle runs out too. You can view their whole range of products here - Pureology . 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Music Monday - What's Playing On Your ipod This Week?

Music Monday What's playing on your ipod this week?

I've decided to include a couple of regular mini posts on my blog during each week that will be shorter updates.

So the first one is ; 'Music Monday- What's playing on your ipod this week?'. I have pretty eclectic tastes so let me know what your ipod favourites are too - I'll give most things a try!

This week on my ipod is James Morrison.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bags or Boots Girl?

Ok , so I am totally open about the fact that I am a bagaholic. I even have a board dedicated to it on my Pinterest ! I love bags. Leather bags, canvas bags, clutch bags, one off bags, children's bags ( yes I love the Cath Kidston Children's range ) beach bags, the list goes on. However, once I find a bag I love I am pretty faithful to that bag .....until it loses it's appeal and then off to e.bay it goes to fund the next purchase! I am a bit of a winter bag/summer bag swap around person so at the moment here are the two bags I am between. The first is a gorgeous karen Millen metallic tote that I got new off e.bay for the bargain price of £30  ( would have been about £150  in the store). I have been using this most the winter and it goes with anything. The second was a birthday present last summer from my husband and is a Russell and Bromley cream stunner - I love this bag! I have just got this out ready for the heatwave that is coming ( it is isn't it??!!)

Karen Millen Bag

Russell and Bromley

You cannot buy Russell and Bromley online yet from their official store, but they are launching in Autumn 2012 - dangerous news!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Anti Ageing Intensive Hand Mask

I have often used Bath Sanctuary Spa products and not only do I find them very effective, but also I adore the sensational smell that all their products exude! They have a series of hand products that are lovely and although could not be listed as heavy duty hand creams , are ever so effective. My hands are in and out of water constantly with washing up, cleaning, bathing children etc and are prone to chapping, dryness and splitting, especially in the colder weather.

 I use their Ultra Refining Hand Polish and their Anti Ageing Hand Cream ( that also has a sun factor in it) on a regular basis and find this keeps my hands soft and moisturised. However , in very cold weather or during the hotter summer months there are times when I feel my hands are looking particularly rough so when I spotted this mask sitting on the shelf I had to try it! You have to apply the mask and then wear the gloves at night to allow the mask to soak in .....I'm not sure how I will get on with gloves at night, but I'll give it a go! 

Their test was over a four week period so I guess I should give it four weeks to see if I notice an improvement! I've had a sniff of it and of course it smells as glorious as their other products , so for that alone a good 10 points so far! I'll post how I get on.

Beauty Page
Where To Buy

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beauty Boxes.

I must admit I have a bit of a weakness for what we used to refer to as kids as 'smellies' - only now that desire is not really satisfied by a simple  bottle of pink Mr Matey bubble Bath. I love new products . Hair products, face creams , nails varnish , hand creams, perfumes .... anything pretty, smelly and if it does what it says on the tin then I'm interested!

I've decided as a birthday treat this year to sign up for the monthly beauty box by JolieBox . You get a box of four to five beauty samples to try every month and can cancel at any time. It is only £10 and the register of companies that the samples come from look great! There do seem to be a few of these beauty box companies , but for what I wanted JolieBox seemed to fit the bill for now. If you wanted something that would give you a full size product and a couple of samples, then Amarya Beauty Box would be a good one to have a look at  - from the videos it looks like some of the samples in this box are limited, but you do get a really lovely full size product from their range worth about £20 so it balances out.

've seen a fair few reviews on these in Blogland.......! Some positive , some not so good, but I'm going to give it a try and getting a parcel every month is always a treat anyway. I have a monthly magazine subscription to Red that I got for a bargain with my Tesco vouchers and I love getting that in a life that continually revolves around football, tennis, swimming lessons, kids parties, what to cook for the next meal......etc etc.  A little something for me!

Amarya Beauty Box example.

JolieBox example.

Check out my Beauty Page at Beauty

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Tufty the Guinea Pig

Life in our household has been pretty traumatic this week to say the least with the untimely death of 'Tufty the Guinea Pig.' Many tears and much heartache from my oldest boy and too many difficult questions about death from my 4 year old, to which I answered as all self respecting Mothers do .... "Daddy will talk to you about that". I remember a few years ago when my Gran ( Grandy) died at 102, the funeral directors very kindly gave us a booklet to read with all the questions children ask about death in it . This was apparently to help us answer what they would ask and to help them process what had happened. Needless to say not one of the questions my children asked me was in that book!! They were more concerned with issues such as "What if you don't like the new body you get when you get to heaven?" and " If Grandy has a new body how will her husband know it's her?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at my inability to give them answers that they were happy with!!

Anyway - the death of a guinea pig - that I can cope with. We got another one! He is so cute. Named "Bud".....settled in and very happy in his new home with his two  friends! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

House Project 1.

For the past couple of years one of the most frequently heard phrases in our house begins " When all the children are at school I will..... ! The opportunity of having some time to complete many of the unfinished projects was suddenly drawing closer to being a reality, with all three children at school! Despite the fact that my little girl had pneumonia within a week of starting school and then was home again for some time , I do feel that there is now some time to tackle some of these jobs around the house! My aim is to start room by room so I am not completely overwhelmed by all there is actually to do to complete this project of a house. We do have some fairly major plans to knock down two garages and create a beautiful kitchen/family room. The plans have been agreed so hopefully I will be able to share that journey and pictures of progress with you soon.

In the meantime I decided that for once I would make us a priority instead of the kids - radical I know- and am starting in our bedroom! We have some pretty vibrant pine furniture - all of which needs a good coat of white eggshell to soften it down. I have also decided that working on my lap is not good for my long suffering back, so a desk is in order too. So off I set on a trip to one of my favourite places in the world - second hand furniture stores. I ended up at Steptoes - full of junk, or if you are like me, treasures that just need some TLC. I came out with a large chest ( I must admit this is not for me but for my little girls room , but too good to leave behind.) , a pine table - perfect for a desk for sewing and a laundry basket in gold ( !!!)

A pot of undercoat, a couple of pots of Farrow and Ball and some elbow grease and they all had a lovely new coat of fresh paint. The laundry basket is in Farrow and Balls plumbago grey and the pine furniture in Farrow and Ball's All White.In addition to the table, desk and laundry basket  I have managed so far to also paint the two bedside cabinets and am hoping to tackle the chest of drawers and wardrobe next week. However , here's how Ive done so far. I'm pretty pleased! I'll post some complete before and after photos of the bedroom when I'm completely finished!

Table washed, sanded and ready!

Table and Laundry basket undercoated and first coat done.

3 or 4 coats of paint later - done!

With all my bits and bobs!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Another New Day

Another New Day - the reason behind this blog title. I really do start every day with the intent of being mostly as good and as angelic as Mary Poppins, but I end it as self motivated and as insane as Cruella Deville without too much regard as to when that transition happened.... the pressures of parenting, workload and being the perfect wife to my One And Only , just to mention a few. So to have another new day to try again is much appreciated . Oh and also I  love , LOVE the track by Jazzanova - title the same. Another New Day. Just enough to soothe the troubles away.............. have a listen.

The Beauty Of Time

Beautiful blossom in our garden today - despite all the rain !