Friday, 18 May 2012

Anti Ageing Intensive Hand Mask

I have often used Bath Sanctuary Spa products and not only do I find them very effective, but also I adore the sensational smell that all their products exude! They have a series of hand products that are lovely and although could not be listed as heavy duty hand creams , are ever so effective. My hands are in and out of water constantly with washing up, cleaning, bathing children etc and are prone to chapping, dryness and splitting, especially in the colder weather.

 I use their Ultra Refining Hand Polish and their Anti Ageing Hand Cream ( that also has a sun factor in it) on a regular basis and find this keeps my hands soft and moisturised. However , in very cold weather or during the hotter summer months there are times when I feel my hands are looking particularly rough so when I spotted this mask sitting on the shelf I had to try it! You have to apply the mask and then wear the gloves at night to allow the mask to soak in .....I'm not sure how I will get on with gloves at night, but I'll give it a go! 

Their test was over a four week period so I guess I should give it four weeks to see if I notice an improvement! I've had a sniff of it and of course it smells as glorious as their other products , so for that alone a good 10 points so far! I'll post how I get on.

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