Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bags or Boots Girl?

Ok , so I am totally open about the fact that I am a bagaholic. I even have a board dedicated to it on my Pinterest ! I love bags. Leather bags, canvas bags, clutch bags, one off bags, children's bags ( yes I love the Cath Kidston Children's range ) beach bags, the list goes on. However, once I find a bag I love I am pretty faithful to that bag .....until it loses it's appeal and then off to e.bay it goes to fund the next purchase! I am a bit of a winter bag/summer bag swap around person so at the moment here are the two bags I am between. The first is a gorgeous karen Millen metallic tote that I got new off e.bay for the bargain price of £30  ( would have been about £150  in the store). I have been using this most the winter and it goes with anything. The second was a birthday present last summer from my husband and is a Russell and Bromley cream stunner - I love this bag! I have just got this out ready for the heatwave that is coming ( it is isn't it??!!)

Karen Millen Bag

Russell and Bromley

You cannot buy Russell and Bromley online yet from their official store, but they are launching in Autumn 2012 - dangerous news!


  1. I am a bag AND Boots girl! Although I have not had a new bag for quite some time :( I love the Karen Millen one!

    1. I do love my boots too as you know, but ask the kids and they will moan about the bags!!