Saturday, 12 May 2012

House Project 1.

For the past couple of years one of the most frequently heard phrases in our house begins " When all the children are at school I will..... ! The opportunity of having some time to complete many of the unfinished projects was suddenly drawing closer to being a reality, with all three children at school! Despite the fact that my little girl had pneumonia within a week of starting school and then was home again for some time , I do feel that there is now some time to tackle some of these jobs around the house! My aim is to start room by room so I am not completely overwhelmed by all there is actually to do to complete this project of a house. We do have some fairly major plans to knock down two garages and create a beautiful kitchen/family room. The plans have been agreed so hopefully I will be able to share that journey and pictures of progress with you soon.

In the meantime I decided that for once I would make us a priority instead of the kids - radical I know- and am starting in our bedroom! We have some pretty vibrant pine furniture - all of which needs a good coat of white eggshell to soften it down. I have also decided that working on my lap is not good for my long suffering back, so a desk is in order too. So off I set on a trip to one of my favourite places in the world - second hand furniture stores. I ended up at Steptoes - full of junk, or if you are like me, treasures that just need some TLC. I came out with a large chest ( I must admit this is not for me but for my little girls room , but too good to leave behind.) , a pine table - perfect for a desk for sewing and a laundry basket in gold ( !!!)

A pot of undercoat, a couple of pots of Farrow and Ball and some elbow grease and they all had a lovely new coat of fresh paint. The laundry basket is in Farrow and Balls plumbago grey and the pine furniture in Farrow and Ball's All White.In addition to the table, desk and laundry basket  I have managed so far to also paint the two bedside cabinets and am hoping to tackle the chest of drawers and wardrobe next week. However , here's how Ive done so far. I'm pretty pleased! I'll post some complete before and after photos of the bedroom when I'm completely finished!

Table washed, sanded and ready!

Table and Laundry basket undercoated and first coat done.

3 or 4 coats of paint later - done!

With all my bits and bobs!

Laundry basket in it's original state.
The finished article - just need to line it!

All finished and lined!

Bedside cabinet x2!
Mirror before.

Mirror after!
Green Chest with lid before

Front view of Toy Chest - after!

Side view of Toy Chest

Seat in spotty pink!

Music while I work this week was Paolo Nutini. I prefer his debut Album "These streets". Have a listen to "New Shoes".....

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