Friday, 31 August 2012

Liebster Award

Loving All the Love!

A huge , great big , humble pie filled thank you to :

     for nominating me for the liebster blog awards. This is an award for new ( ish) blogs that have under 200 followers. It is a way of giving people encouragement for the job they are doing and encouraging them to keep going! So I am well pleased to receive not one, but two more! It is a fantastic way to get your blog known and also to discover new blogs along the way.



     To receive the award you must answer the 11 questions , state 11 things about yourself (oops missed this last time!) and pick 11 blogs with less than 200 followers that you think deserve the liebster blog to pass it on to!

Ok so 2 awards = 22 questions! You ready for this?

1)    What is your favourite type of blog post to read?
Today - fashion. Tomorrow - recipes. Then - beauty . In other words I like all sorts!

2)    What is your favourite book?
Charlie and Lola ( I know - sad mother.)

3)    Dramatic eyes or bright lips?
Dramatic eyes all the way.

4)    Where is your favourite place to shop?

5)    Shoes or handbags?
I have to choose?

6)    Which perfume are you always reaching for?
Coco mademoiselle

7)    What would be your dream career?
SAHM - oh hang on that's what I am :)

8)    How would you describe your sense of style?
Simple, classic with impractical heels. Occasionally dishevelhelled.

9)    Which two beauty products would you recommend everyone should try?
Dermalogica range . Soap and Glory lip and cheek stain - so quick and easy!

10) What’s the best present you have ever been given?
My engagement ring on my birthday.

11) What’s your favourite nail varnish?
Orly's monroes red

  1. Why do you blog?
    To find an outlet after my children have gone to school and to help others find a few good bargains!

  2. Which is your favorite post? (link?)
    Michelle at Follow me Home is so talented . Inspires me to get that sewing out this term!

  3. Have you ever received negative comments and how did you handle  it?
    No - people have been lovely ( so far!) to me.

  4. If you were a movie character which one would you be?
    Rapunzel - wish my hair would grow quicker!

  5. What is your favorite dessert? (If you have posted the recipe make a link to it!)
    Anything chocolate related.

  6. What is your worst personality trait?
    Perfectionism - doesn't work when you have 3 messy kids and a messy husband.

  7. 'Avengers' or 'Transformers' ?
    Neither. Ok maybe Avengers!!

  8. If you could travel in time in which chronological period and where in the world would you go to?
    I'd give the 60's as a teenager in Britain a go!

  9. What is your favorite book?
    Still Charlie and Lola!

  10. Which quote/saying do you live by?
    "People are more important than things."

  11. If you weren't answering these questions right now what would you be doing instead?
    Getting up - it is only 6.30 am.

    Still with me??!!  11 things about myself:

    1. I love, love, love my kids. They come first!
    2. I believe in God.
    3. Music with everything.
    4. I have a particular weakness for handbags and shoes.
    5. I no longer know the exact natural colour of my hair - may be dark blonde?
    6. I am a morning girl, not a night owl.
    7. My favourite colour is grey  ( mixed with vivid pink)
    8. I am quite private and controlled.
    9. I love the open countryside.
    10. Coffee. Say no more.

    Onwards and upwards!

    My 11 nominees ( now if you cannot find the time to accept this award I understand and still love and adore your blogs!) So Grab an award, answer 11 questions, state 11 things about yourself and pass it on to 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers! Job done! 

    1.Miss Beatrix ( Gorgeous recipes)

    Do check out these fabulous blogs and brighten their day with a lovely comment or two. 

    Blog Award Winners....Here are your questions!

    1. Why did you start blogging?

    2. Are you an organised or chaotic person when it comes to blogging?

    3. Do you plan your posts well in advance or go with the flow?

    4. Who are your Blog crushes?

    5. What is the main theme/themes of your blog and why did you choose these in particular?

    6. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

    7. What is your favourite chill out music track?

    8. What is your favourite well known saying or quote?

    9. What is your favourite thing to do to switch off and relax?

    10. Do you find it hard to turn off from blogging/twitter/facebook/instagram etc to make quality time for family?

    11. To blog or not to blog - would you recommend it to a friend?!

    The End.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Money Off Codes

In Town or Online

So are you a big "Go To The Shops Gal" or an "Online Browser?"

Ok so I did venture into town today with my 5 year old in tow. Fortunately she was pretty excited about the prospect as she had a few pennies of her own to spend. I needed to pick up some items of school uniform for the boys that I had ordered and had been informed had arrived. So off we set, yet again in the pouring rain.

On arrival at the uniform shop - which incidentally is not in the centre of town , but about a 10 minute walk in the other direction, dragging a by then slightly reluctant and hungry 5 year old - we were told that they had made a mistake and the items were actually out of stock. Great.

After about a half hour wait, they managed to find replacement items and sent us on our way ! I hate uniform shopping, really hate it. At least most of it was done in June - yes June. I went early this year.

I fully intended trying to pick up a couple of items from my A/W wish list today, but with the rain and the trek and the child, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. I wandered into Primark, hoping for the inspiration that befalls so many of you and wandered out with a top. I just don't get it ......yet.

I did manage a nice pair of skinnies and a long sleeve T from Gap - in grey of course, but everything else on my wishlist was out of stock. As I am trying the 'plan, be wise with what you spend' approach this A/W, I decided to jump ship and much to my daughters delight at this point, head back home.

However ..........
the story does not end there! Later this evening I decide to log on and see if I could pick up a few of the items online. I always look for codes and money off first - never one to pay full price for something and I came up with some gooduns! 

I'd wanted a few staples from H and M - cardigans, blouses etc and came up with these codes saving myself £8.50. I had a sale item as well. So four items for about £35 - not bad going. You can use 2 of these codes at any one time. I think they are valid for about 4 more days so hurry! The 10% and £5 combination seem to give a really good deal . I don't think it operates on the sale items though.

1304 = £5 off

9954 = 10% off

9921   = 25 % off one item

9844 =  free delivery ( I didn't use this one so haven't checked it yet)

I have also had my eye on this large scarf from Baukjen , but at £89 was hesitating. I picked up a code from another blogger ( link below) for 15% off which makes it a lot more attractive!

Zoe Square Scarf | Accessory | Baukjen

 She also mentioned a code for Clarks for 20% off, making those boots I wanted even more tempting! 

Pop on over to her blog at Pret - a - Mummy to pick these awesome codes up and grab some bargains!

I'm also after a few high street items from Next, but I am determined not to pay full price for them or delivery so I am holding out for some valid codes ! The £10 online for new customers I cant use as I am already registered. Unfortunately neither of the stores locally do these items either.

My mainstays during the Autumn and Winter seem to be skinny trousers and bootcut jeans, blouses, long sleeve Ts, scarves and jackets. I always top up on a few of these basics at this time of year as I will wear and wear them to within an inch of their lives!

On this occasion I do wish Id had stayed at home and shopped online. I like to be able to browse and look at what I'm buying, but lets face it when does that actually happen if you have young children with you and I never feel it is really that fair on them either! My little girl quite enjoys the outing , but the boy's capacity is two shops at most before a Costa and a trip to Game is required. Anyway, I've found that the money off this time has made it far more worth my while shopping online, although I shall wait until said products arrive before the final judgement is made. I will do a few outfit posts when they do and if they are staying. 

So your shopping preference - home alone or out and about?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Orly Nail polish and  Top2 Bottom  -   Are chipped nails a thing of the past?

I must admit I am still somewhat on the hunt for the perfect nail polish that doesn't chip within hours of putting it on with the lifestyle that I lead . I love shellac , but cannot really bring myself to spend £20  every 2 - 3 weeks on a shellac manicure . I sort of feel that should be a special treat for me as I'd rather spend that money on something that lasts - and as we all know it kinda all adds up! I worked out that I could set myself up with a lamp and the products needed for less than £100 from Amazon - the equivalent of only 5 shellac manicures - so with that thought in my mind I've not been back, but am so missing my perfect, chip free nails. That is until my visit to my hairdressers on Friday when I acquired this little lot from Orly.......

My ' be wise how you spend' head told me not to get them there as I knew I could probably source them cheaper elsewhere and of course you can . Try here Cheap Smells. I had nails ready for painting and 2 hours with colour needing doing ahead of me so got them anyway and painted my nails. 

The info says that this Top 2 bottom Basecoat and Topcoat grips and protects nail lacquer for long lasting manicures and pedicures with a high shine finish. I have a 3 in 1 essie base and top coat, which I love for the shine, but so far this Orly product , in combination with these Orly polishes outdoes it for durability. 

I am hopeless with my nails. My hands are in and out of water and I cannot sit still - there is always a job to be done isn't there?! However, the mani I did rather shakily in the hairdressers remained perfect for 3 days and would have lasted longer if I hadn't decided to go for a new design and take it off anyway. So for now I am really impressed . The polish isn't as cheap as your high street chemist brands, but cheaper than your high end products and if you shop around you can get it for about £7.25. It is a fairly large bottle and if it lasts longer then it is money well spent in the long run. It also has a rubber top that is far easier to grip and undo/tighten than the usual ones. ( Fussy - I know!)

Green With Envy and Monroe's red

 I know I have mentioned this product before and I am a slave to it ! As a busy mum if I paint my nails during the day I cannot sit for long to let them dry so OPI Rapi Dry is a life saver. I apply it after the final top coat ( wait about 60 seconds before applying the OPI) In my experience I find your nails will be dry enough for you to be out and about in 5 minutes and fully hard in about 10minutes. Perfect!

Essie 3 in 1 and OPI Rapi Dry

What nail polish do you find is best for durability and value?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

August Joliebox

August Menu 2012

Dr Bronner's Soap pillows - magic all in one soaps loved by the A list clens and revives from head to toe.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Dry Clean Revitalising Dry Shampoo - This dry shampoo blitzes oily roots and leaves hair feeling fresh and clean.

So Susan Cosmetics Lip Cushion - A sheer gloss to tint and moisturise chapped lips.

So Susan Cosemtics Wide Awake Palette - A palette of skin enhancing colour tools to give you a summer glow.

Joliebox Leather Styling Lace - A leather lace to create endless updo's.

I have tried the Phil Smith dry shampoo already on day 2 hair and I was impressed. I don't like dry shampoo that leaves a residue or has too much of an overpowering smell. This has neither - just leaves a fresh smell and pumps the hair up nicely. I actually prefer it to the Redken one that I have been using that can tend to leave a bit of a grey residue in the hair.

The soap pillows look gorgeous and I think would be lovely in a guest room welcome basket. Not that we have one at the moment as my husband is using it as a home office - roll on next spring and our new extension!

A closer look at the lip balm that does have a lovely shimmer to it.

The So Susan Palette looks lovely too, but I think I am going to give it as a little gift for someone who has been having a rough time lately and deserves it more. It is so pretty and the colours are still sealed . It comes with a small brush and tiny tweezers too. 

As for the lace - I am not sure I would tie my hair up with it , but the Making Queen ,aka my 5 year old daughter, will find a use for it I'm sure. Nothing stays around for long in our house. If it isn't nailed down it will get made into something before too long!

So - another good box I feel from Joliebox. Or maybe I just am enjoying it because it is still pretty new to me? Oh and I must mention the glorious colours on the box. Just lovely! I am finding all sorts to store in these - you pay a fortune to buy little boxes in the shops for storage so include that in what I am paying and I do feel it is good value for money. Loving it.

Impulse Buys

Are they really value for money?

I was shopping for some jeans and T.shirts for my 9 year old and as I knew that these primarily were going to be worn around the village playing football I didn't want to spend too much. So, I headed to the local Peacocks store that always has a bargain or two on their shelves. I usually have the same approach to the kids clothes as I do to mine - I'm happy to splurge on a few good quality items that will last or are for special occasions, but tend to supplement these with easily replaceable cheaper items on a regular basis. I learnt this the hard way by buying the children lovely quality expensive jeans that still got ripped at the knees after a week or two of football in the local park! They are now kept for going out!

Anyway, I digress. On walking through the store - very clever marketing as you have to walk right through all the women's section to get to the kids section - I saw a lovely pair of tan sandals for £10. 

Now , I rarely buy shoes that aren't leather and branded as I am fussy over the 'boots and bags' section of my wardrobe ( we all have our weaknesses) , but for £10 I could not resist. They are comfy, easily worn for a whole day and will see out the rest of the summer - what more could you ask for £10? Sometimes I think it is easy to spend just too much on some items . I had a lovely pair of Russell and Bromley slingbacks last summer that wore out really quickly and beautiful though they were, value for money they were not!  ( Good job they were a gift from my husband and not bought by yours truly!) If I measure whether items are value for money by the amount I spend and the wear I will get out of them , then only time will tell with this purchase. If they break within a week I will not be happy with my £10 impulse purchase, no, not at all!

I even picked up a little clutch bag that matches them for a mere £8 - useful for those quick dashes to the shop and down the road when I don't want to take my daily handbag that is so heavy even my car  registers it as a person when placed in the passenger seat. 

Are you susceptible to the odd impulse buy or do you plan, plan, plan?

Monday, 27 August 2012

Music Monday - What's playing on your ipod this week?

On my ipod this week it is James Blunt and 'Carry You Home'