Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys


I have a fabulous Benefit Mascara ( Bad Gal Lash) which I love. I don't know if it is the chunky brush or the creamy consistency that doesn't clump that makes the difference, but this mascara is a real winner for my lashes. 

It has given me the confidence to branch out and try a couple more of their products that previously I have been a little reluctant to . I'm not one for jumping on the band wagon, as such, but - if it works for me I'll use it. 

I've been trying out primers and have found a primer that is reasonable from Rimmel that does a good job, but  decided, on recommendation,  to try the Pore fessional from Benefit. I missed this when it was available as a sample on the glossies a few months ago and was gutted, so have bitten the bullet and paid full price for a full size product - lets hope I like it ( deep intake of breath here please.)

I was expecting it to be white so was pleasantly pleased to see a creamy skin toned cream when I opened the package. The instructions are to pat a fine layer onto clean and moisturised skin from the centre of the face outwards , to wait a few seconds and then apply make up. If pores reappear then pat delicately over make up and blend. You can re touch during the day as well. My first impressions are good and I have found that it has helped to give a more even appearance. My only concern is value for money and how long this will last, especially if you do have to reapply during the day. At the moment I have not needed to reapply, but maybe that is laziness or lack of time, more than anything else, so we shall see!

My second product is called Watts Up! It is a soft focus highlighter for the face. Already I love this product and I have only used it twice. It has an end for the creamy product and an end that has a sponge to blend. It gives a soft subtle shimmer to cheeks and brows - as much or as little as you want. It can be used over make up or simply on it's own for a healthy glow. A lovely flexible product. Again , not particularly cheap, but we will see how long I can make this stretch......!

I am sure this is just the start of another one of my collections so watch this space!! The tinted lip gloss is also another lovely product - just thought I'd add that final thought there!

What are your favourite Benefit products you think are worth trying?


  1. I never heard of Benefit before.. but I'm looking for to minimize pores, so i will give a try ;)

  2. I've never tried benefit before but I want to try their eyebrow bar.

    1. They are lovely products - I haven't been disappointed yet. I love the fun way they package everything too - not too serious! X

  3. I also have the mascara and love it too. great to see these reviews...thank you! My primer is Estee Lauder which is just ok so once it's finished, I would like to try the Benefit one. avril x

  4. My daughters all love Benefit products especially the Bad Gal mascara but I have never tried any of them. I love the look of the Watts up product, must ask if any of them have it. x

  5. I did a review on the pore stuff last week or so on the blog. Check it out sometime

  6. The Watts Up looks great - I love things that give a (much needed)healthy glow! x

  7. I bet these are amazing, but the packing is perfect, I love it!

  8. Hi, just to let you know I have tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award :) I know you have been tagged before but if you have time and would like to take a look I have posted the questions etc on my blog :) x

  9. I like to use the Moon Beam highlighter, don't have much else from Benefit, but this packaging on the Watts Up product is so cute! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I'm now following you :) x

  10. Their cheek stain and concealer are some of my must haves! They are fantastic.