Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Tangle Teezers

I never felt the need for one of these until I had the delight of having a little girl enter my life with long, sometimes incredibly curly and tangled hair.

The daily fight to get a brush or a comb or anything through her hair to get it to resemble something less than " an explosion in a wire wool factory" is now a thing of the past. These brushes are incredible. I have one for my little girl, one to comb through my conditioner in the shower and a compact one for my handbag!

Wow...obsessed, maybe. Just convinced that they are worth the money and time and effort saved in their use. They gently ease through the most stubborn of tangles and can be used on either wet or dry hair. They are ideal for hair extensions as they don't get stuck on the bonds as a normal brush or comb can do. There is less hair breakage and less trauma to the hair definitely. The official website can be found here with the story of the inventor, although there are many stockists for these products now.

Do you use a tangle teezer?


  1. Yes - I have one for the boys. Not sure why really as they have short hair. But they are quite useful all the same and like you say - they glide through hair.

    1. They have been amazing whilst camping in the rain...matted curly hair is very difficult to brush!!! Same here...even my boys use them!

  2. I've never used one. Shame they weren't around when my 3 girls and their very long hair caused twice weekly washing and combing nightmares!

  3. Didn't even know these were around...I wish I had curly hair and needed one!

    <3 Cambria

  4. I've never seen one of these before but I sure like the packaging. My son could probably use something like this. His hair is much longer than mine!

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