Friday, 10 August 2012

What's on my bathroom shelf?

Here is another in my series of  'Whats in my...... '    This week is

What's on my Bathroom shelf?

We have a lovely, albeit small ensuite to our bedroom that we created out of the back of an airing cupboard a few years ago. It is amazing what you can do with a small amount of space! I was given free rein with design and colours for this little room . I had the little vanity unit made up by a couple of local firms. One made the cupboard, one the small piece of marble. I got the taps and basin myself and my lovely builder put it all together. It cost half the price doing it this way than it would have done buying one similar that I had seen! I painted it myself in Farrow and Balls Plumbago. The blind is made by Laura Ashley and tiles are all tumbled marble by a seconds tiles shop. Here are some pictures of the finished room!

Anyway thats all a bit of an aside! So what is on my bathroom shelf? Well I do get the luxury of this window shelf to myself as my husband uses the main bathroom ( he prefers the larger sink!). So..

My products are......

I have a couple of pots from Tesco that look pretty but keep cotton wool and cotton buds to hand. 

These are my cleansers:

Demalogica pre cleanse - a lovely oily pre cleanse that dissolves make up and grime easily and quickly and smells divine. It emulsifies with water and washes off easily. It prepares the skin for cleansing.

Priori Idebenone cleanser - This is an amazing cleanser in a range that you have to introduce to your skin gradually . I have noticed a big difference since using this range, but it is expensive and I do have regular facials with these products too.

Dermalogica daily microfoliant - a sentitive daily scrub - see my review here

These are the ones I use for moisturising:

1. Idebenome daily moisturising cream
2. Dermalogica daily smoothing cream
3. Dermalogica hydrating booster
4.Dermalogica barrier cream
5. Ren eye gel ( free sample)
6. Roc winkle correction with retin ox ( not to be used at the same time at the Idebenome products though!)
7.L'oreal factor 50 suncream for face

I don't use these all every day - my definite every day ones are the idebenome at night and the dermalogica smoothing cream and sun cream in the morning . I add in what else I feel my skin needs.

The rest are self explanatory!

1. Sudocrem - wonderful healing cream
2. Bath House body wash
3. Etat Pur face mask ( from beauty box)

So there you have Whats on my Bathroom Shelf? I do have lots more bits and pieces in my bathroom cabinet of course that I don't use everyday and of course it is always in need of a good tidy out !


  1. What a lovely en-suite (and so tidy - as usual - I despair!)Intrigued by the Idebenone cleanser and the Dermalogica hydrating booster looks ideal for this time of year! xx

  2. The bedroom isnt though as it has my desk in it and as yet I have no storage for all my stuff so it is all over the floor. I dont cope with that very well! The idebenone range is amazing and the facials are great , although expensive and smelly!! ha ha! My skin looks lovely afterwards , but haven't had one for months cus of kids - chicken pox and then holidays - I just can't get away!! Your hols sounded great - very jealous! X

  3. Wow - that's a whole lot of products going on there. But that's okay if you use them all. I start stuff, leave them after a week and donate them to the bin after a couple of years after they've gone past their use by dates. I am rubbish at skincare and it shows.

    1. I use them all and too quickly - panicking about the passing years probably! Does it make a difference? Hmmm time will tell I suppose......X

  4. What a beautiful bathroom and wonderful bunch of products! I don't think that's too much at all! Your skin seems great. I think it's worth it :)
    I was thinking about Dermalogica and now I will definitely check them out.

    Have a lovely day dear :)



    1. Thank you - I love Dermalogica - have been using them for quite a few years now! x

  5. good posting about What's on my bathroom shelf?

  6. Your en-suite is gorgeous! Very chic. Nice products too x