Wednesday, 8 August 2012

30 with 30 Week 8

Week 6 for me!

It took me a couple of days to check in with Lauren's blog after getting back from camping so imagine my delight to have been picked as favourite outfit of the week last week - thanks guys - very happy girl - cheered me up after a very wet week camping!
So only a day late then , I am linking up again with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for the 30 with 30 challenge week 8.
Ok, so this past week was a little of a challenge to say the least and I will not be at all ashamed to say that I did not stick to simply my 30 items whilst camping! See here . I added warm hoodies and some extra skinny jeans to get through the week. It was wet and cold again and although I had taken my floral Great Plains Skirt it did not get worn! 

 I stuck to my keds and I am very sheepish to admit , Crocs , to survive the wet conditions. Whatever people say about crocs ( and whilst not wanting to cause offence to anyone , I do not like them, but have succumbed to using them at home in the garden ) they are amazing for your feet when camping! It is the first year that I have not come home needing a rescue pedicure to mend my cracked heels!

Beautiful aren't they?
The most ideal thing to wear all week was this sort of outfit ( I have saved you from the horror of photographs during my week of camping and these were taken upon my return!)

Outfit 1

Skinny jeans
White top 
Grey Zara Cardy
Scarf ( I took 3 scarves away and wore all of them it was so cold!)

Outfit 2

Superdry capri pants
Coral top
Coral scarf
Next pumps

Outfit 3

Lemon Cardy
Blue spotty Scarf
Zara jeans

All of these outfits got covered with a thick grey hoodie when I got cold and a blue North Face Waterproof to keep out the rain. We had thunder, torrential rain and lightening! The priority really was keeping warm and dry!

I even resisted a day trip to Clarks village and a day of bargain shopping ! 2 weeks and counting.......!


  1. Hi! Congratulations on getting picked as a favorite. Wet camping sounds like a lot of work. Lovely outfits. You have a knack for tying scarves. Curious about your 30 for 30. Dawn suitcase xo.

    1. It's pushed me to be creative with fewer items from my wardrobe and I've tried not to buy anything new over the 10 weeks either - bit hard for me!! Almost there....... X

  2. Yes, you definitely have a knack for scarves! Love your casual outfits by the way. You're the best dressed camper I've ever seen. ;)

    1. I usually wear wedges or heels so a week in flats was good for me - quite enjoyed it really, but had backache by the end! x

  3. You look fabulous! I am taking notes as we got a mobile home which is as close to camping as I'll get, and I was totally unprepared the last time. Thanks for the tips!

    1. You've made the better choice I feel - I don't cope too well camping in the UK! I think we are going to go for a caravan next time!! X

  4. You are doing great with the challenge claire:) I love all your will enjoy shopping for the new season all the more in a few weeks!!
    ~Anne xx

  5. You are SO stylish and cute! I love your pretty scarves...and those skinny jeans are totally killer. Your legs look amazing, and they look designer to me :) Glad your camping trip went so well...sorry it was wet :P

    Following your blog! Love the style and fun posts.

    <3 Cambria

    1. You are so kind!! The jeans were a bargain - love them! Xx

  6. I have to agree with the Jones above - you look great in your skinny Zara jeans . I'd be happy to wear those all the time if I looked like that in them. And congrats on being featured on the Grey desk blog! And for sticking it out so long.

    I've not fully looked into the rules but even if you choose 30 items for the 30 days - does it mention anything about shopping bans during the period? If you don't introduce them in to your 30 items till after the designated period - that should be okay?

  7. Love those jeans - make your legs look better than they are I feel!
    I think it's up to you if you decided to buy new things or not, but I said right at the start that I wanted to have a shopping free stint to run alongside my 30 by 30 ( foolish I know, declaring it in public!! ) . Not everybody is doing that, but I think the girls who set it up are.( Lauren and Kate) Like most of us I'm always popping something in my shopping basket and it adds up week by week- my wardrobe was groaning at the seams! I've had a good sort out and listed loads on e.bay too ! Almost as good as therapy! Hope I don't go too mad this Autumn!! X

  8. Beautiful outfits, I love scarves, especially the first.

  9. Really great outfits.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today. It's so great to meet you.


  10. Cute outfits! I especially like #1!

    New follower :) Cute blog!

  11. good posting about 30 with 30 Week 8