Monday, 20 August 2012

Toiletry Bags

I love my products as you have probably worked out by now if you visit my blog on a regular basis! Now I don't think I am unusual in that ... most of my women friends would confess to being much the same , whether it be make up, hair products, or just general beautifying ourselves products - we tend to have cupboards full of them! If you add to that being a parent , the amount of toiletries required on a day to day basis goes crazy. Everybody seems to require a different type of shampoo , some have dry skin, some oily , nearly all now require deodorant ( 3 smelly males in the house - no thanks) and their own shower gel. The youngest still needs sudocrem and hydrocortisone for the odd patch of eczema. Toothpaste seems to be different for every age group and I wont even start on me.........

The point I am making is, I have never found a toiletry bag that is large enough, that I like, to carry the items needed to go away on holiday together, even when we decant into smaller bottles. There are of course certain items that come in large bottles that won't decant - hairspray, and if persuaded to use the same product, a one bottle does all shampoo has to be pretty large anyway for a family of 5 for 2 weeks! 

However, I was in town recently and came across a gorgeous range of toiletry bags that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One caught my eye and I was instantly in love! I snapped it up straight away without hesitation! Just take a look at this beauty ......

They come from a company called Love Hart who also sell a variety of other delicious products too. The detail and finish on this bag is faultless and it's simplicity is perfect. I have yet to use it to go away, but have already tried a variety of products in it and the amount of room is amazing. I am definitely going to buy a few more of the smaller ones as well for make up and smaller items. Do check out their site here to see their full range of products, sizes and prices. They offer free UK delivery on orders over £30 too.

The pattern on the fabric is really inviting in a subtle arrangement of greens and blues.
A beautifully fitted zip that is finished attractively with a striped cotton tie .

I can see myself giving the older children a small bag each for their independent items and taking a large bag for our shared products and first aid items. The complicated lives we lead!

Definitely check them out and let me know what you think!

Love Hart

* This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Nice bag but I have my eye on a Cath Kidston Carry All bag which is perfect for my toiletries and for £28.00 too.

  2. It's lovely Clare - hope you get lots of joy from it.



    1. Thank you I shall - love finding new designs .

  3. Nice bag! I'm the same I can never find one big enough and end up taking two! x