Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Shellac - Goes on like a polish, sets like a gel, removed in minutes!

It is official - I am addicted! This is amazing for a busy mum of three who cannot get her nails to last more than a day or so. This was done today by Sian's Beauty Box and will last me two weeks at least - for some it lasts up to four! I'm just pretty hard on my nails and also quite particular so I like them re done every two - three weeks really! It is painted on much the same as a polish , but dried under a lamp - they are not false nails. They are dry straight away and do not chip or break. This cost me £18. Not bad for a nail tidy and Shellac polish. I am more than happy to pay that for the convenience and trouble free maintenance of my nails. 

Any one else tried this out? How did you find it? 


  1. You know I'm a convert!! I liked acrylics but was allergic~ shellac is amazing and I get lots of compliments about the colours and shine!! Love, love it!! Xxx

  2. It is amazing - no more chipped nails! x