Monday, 9 July 2012

Taxi Driver

Today was one of those days when I spend the majority of my time after picking the children up from school, in the car. One has football club, in one direction. Another has tennis squad, in the opposite direction. The third child comes along for the ride!

These car rides can be fraught with endless bickering or tired wails of "I'm hungry, thirsty, tired, bored, etc etc " , but today I tackled it head on with a game of Animal, Vegetable , Mineral. 

With a ( only just) 5 year old. 

This is how it went:

Girl  " I'll start, but this time you give me time to think."

Me " Ok"

Girl  " I'm thinking of a vegetable..."

Me  " Is it orange?"

Girl   " NOT YET I'M STILL THINKING!"  sighs....

Me  " Oh, Ok...."

2 seconds later...

Girl  " Well, go on then."

Me  " Oh , Ok. Is it green?"

Girl  " NO "  sighs ( again)

Me  " Do we eat it with our dinner?"

Girl  " Yes  - I will give you a clue. It starts with a B ( sounds it out) ."

Me  " Oh , Ok ...Ummmm " short pause " I'm not sure "

Girl  " Shall I tell you?"

Me  " Ok"

Girl  Sighs loudly  " Potatoes"


  1. Heehee this all sounds too similiar, except that this sounds like a conversation between me and husband...!!! Thanks for the follow and lovely comments on my blog, sweetie (sorry I couldn't find your name anywhere)

    Am following you on GFC and Twitter now!

    Catherine x

  2. Brilliant, sounds like Charlie and Lola! X

  3. I agree with Hayley - brilliant! Hope you managed a sit down with a cup of tea (or something stronger) after all that! xx

  4. Ahh - thanks guys ( its Claire , Catherine. X) She has me in stitches . In the words of Charlie and Lola ,she thinks she is extremely completely important! X