Saturday, 7 July 2012

Magazine Free Gifts

I always have to be careful not to fall into the temptation of getting a magazine I don't really want to read, for a free gift I won't really use - like the pair of (not so) flattering sunglasses or the (never to be worn) jet black gel eyeliner . However, it does make sense when offers come up that end up saving you money. Last month Beauty And the Biryani  reminded me in her blog post of the fantastic Benefit offers with Glamour magazine and I got a lovely mascara , that is now my daily favourite! Thank you for that one!

Having said that I have succumbed to two this month. My monthly subscription through my Tesco vouchers to Red magazine has come to an end and I haven't yet renewed it. I went to pick up a copy and found that they had some sample sizes of Ren - hand and body cream, eye gel and day cream as their free gift . These are a perfect size for our camping trip in a few weeks time. Whilst in the mood I gathered up the latest copy of Elle , that had a medium size tube of St. Tropez gradual Tan, which I use all the time on my lily white legs, so again well worth the price of a magazine I like to read anyway.

 I am a bit of a magazine girl - it is an easy way to relax when you have kids ! My favourites are Red, Easy Living, Grazia, Elle and  Vogue. What do you like to read if you get the chance?


  1. I love Red and easy living:) My daughter buys Elle and Vogue so we have a great collection!

  2. I have a vogue and Elle subscription, couldnt believe it when st tropez dropped through the post box this month ;-) xxx

  3. What a result!! Looks like we all have good taste eh?!! x

  4. Someone nicked the St Tropez from the last copy of Elle in my local shop!

  5. i love these kind of posts. i think i might have to go find elle magazin as i really want to try st tropez but its so expensive. x