Saturday, 21 July 2012

What's in my handbag?

OK so making myself a little vulnerable here so be kind to me! I have to admit to those who don't know it yet I have a serious weakness for handbags.  If I had to choose between all of my fashion loves I think this one would be pretty much near , if not at, the top!
Having said that I don't have hoards of bags festering in the back of my closet - once they have lost favour with me I am very fickle and do sell them on e.bay to fund my next little purchase. At any one time I only have about three or four bags , plus a few clutch bags and possibly some fabric shoppers loitering about....umm so a fair few really. What is normal then? I don't know.....

Anyway , my current , in favour, totally in love with and I will keep for ever bag ( until I change it for another from the same store) is my Kate Spade bag from the Covent Garden Store. Did you know there are now three stores in London and they do an on line service!? ( Just thought I'd drop that right in there) Check out the American website for options and ring the London store for stock ( numbers on the Ameican site) - £7 for delivery.

Now I warn you I am a carry everything you ever need kind of girl! After I took this photo I thought 'why wasn't this or that in the photo' until I realised that I hadn't needed it on that particular day. I change the contents of my bag a lot depending on where I am going - that's how obsessed I am!

So - on THIS particular day ( that happened to be a day of clubs for the boys) I had in my bag:

and of course my phone ( Not an iphone - I am a Samsung Galaxy S2 convert - love it!!!!!)

Kitchen sink come to mind? I used to carry a change bag with all the baby/child crap  stuff as well - imagine that! 

So a break down for the really nosey of you ( like me) :

Laura Ashley Make up bag :

1. Match Perfection by Rimmel
2. Lip and Cheek Stain by Body Shop
3. Chubby Stick by Revlon
4. Benefit Mascara
5. Hand Held Mirror
6. Ren Hand Cream sample
7. Rose Otto Lip Salve 
8. Jolie Nail File
9. Tweezers
10. Estee Lauder mini perfume sensuous

1. Paperchase Bag with painkillers, plasters and monthly girly essentials in!
2. Antibacterial wipes.
3. Antibacterial Hand Gel.
4. Tangle Teezer. ( Review on these coming!)

1. Ipad - I take this with me whenever I go to clubs so I can catch up on e.mail/work whilst the kids play tennis /swim etc.
2. Karen Millen Purse - this has my credit and debit cards in, my supermarket cards and anything I need instant access to ! My cash and notes.

1. Graffiti Card Holder - for all mine and the kids  membership cards ( there are so many it makes my purse too bulky to have them in there) 3 for tennis, 2 for leisure, driving license,4 library cards , 4 for theme park membership - you get my drift!! I am not organised enough to only pick the ones up I need on the day!
2. Cath Kidston Card Holder - business cards
3. Card Kidston - pencil case - holds a couple of pens and stops them leaking over my lovely bag!
4. Notepad.

1. Cath Kidston Umbrella - in case it rains
2. Prada sunglasses - in case it is sunny
3. Book - in case I read it ( not always with me!)
4.Extra bag - in case I when I shop
5.Cath Kidston tape measure ( for measuring furniture in old junk yards!)

So there you have it ! I know I could chuck out half of what I lug about with me, but then I know that would be what I end up needing. School runs often see me just with my purse and phone and thats it as we live only 5 mins from the school gate . I'm in that stage of life after school hours when I spend hours ferrying my kids around to clubs and friends houses and waiting whilst they play tennis, football, cricket, swim etc so my ipad, phone, book or something to occupy me/catch up with work during that time is essential. If I have my little girl with me then I have pencils , paper, scissors etc to occupy her as well! The joy! I actually think this is a lovely age and would love to freeze my kids just as they are for a little longer - they grow up far too fast! Sigh!

So - anyone else fill their bag with as much rubbish as me ?

What do you carry with you every day?


  1. First of all, I love the bag, such a cool shape and the wallets are amazing, so cool.

  2. Gorgeous handbag and it must be very tardis-like to hold all your stuff! Good to know I'm not the only one with a bag-full - love your Laura Ashley make-up bag! xx

    1. It goes on for ever!! The makeup bag came from Laura Ashley's range in Smiths of all places!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who packs it all in! Xx

  3. Wow, you really do carry it all! But you have great taste in the accessories.
    I really don't carry much. Wallet, lipsticks, business card case, phone, camera.....I carry everything in smaller zip bags like you do so I can switch out my purses quickly without forgetting something.

    1. I do love little bags too! Keeps everything together so you can find it!

  4. Errr ... you carry everything. So do I but mine is not neat and tidy like yours. I just want to say something like "be careful or you'll turn into a hunchback!".

    1. I ought to get a nice sensible ( and very boring!) rucksack, but I can't bring myself to....every now again I declutter, but it all ends up back in there again! Usually at the bottom of the bag by the end of the week are empty sweet wrappers,coins,odd toys, receipts etc , but of course I didn't show that!

  5. I love these posts, I did one not long after I started the blog and like you I carry loads of stuff around with me but also change my contents depending on where I am going that day. p.s. How is your shoulder?

    1. Think I will always be the same - loads of stuff! Shoulder is fine - built up from years of carrying stuff I guess!! X

  6. hi!! i found your blog today and its super. wanna follow each other?

    1. Thank you sweetie! Have followed and had a look at your lovely photos too ! x