Wednesday, 4 July 2012

30 with 30 Challenge

Three Outfits.

The Challenge is to pick 30 items from your closet and create your outfits from those 30 items until you run out of ideas! 

I am joining this challenge a few weeks in, but most of you who know me will know how I run a little late occasionally on things anyway! I just couldn't fit it in before, but it looks fun and being new to this blogging adventure I thought Id give it a go....

Want to get in on the Fun too?

Every Tuesday (starting June 19th) you can link up over at From My Grey Desk Blog with ONE post that features up to THREE outfits from the 30 items you chose from your closet (which means that the challenge will last at least 10 weeks). Then, you can check back the following week to see if your outfit(s) was picked as our favorite of the week! And link up another few outfits. 

I have put the link in my side bar.

So the idea is you pick 30 items from your closet , or for us in the UK , your wardrobe ( such a funny word that one) and you create your outfits simply from those 30 items. I am going to also try not to buy anything new during that time - not even a little cami top or T shirt, no, no , no! We'll see if I fall at the first hurdle there.

So here are my 30 items:


Ked Pumps 
Cream and black pumps - Next 
Dune Sandals  ( sale)
Fly white wedges ( sale)
Next Pink Wedges 


Reddish/silver/glass pendant and earring from Divine
Green and Jade green necklace from Divine
Silver Cross and Earrings - earrings from Monsoon


Lemon Cardigan from Noa Noa 
Grey Cardigan from Zara Basics 
Cream horse cardigan from Great Plains  ( sale)
Sleeveless blouse from Numph 
Spotty top from Zara 
Coral top from Noa Noa  ( sale)
White T shirt from Jackpot  ( sale)
Blue and white striped top from Fat Face 
Coral , blue and white striped bird motif top from Oasis
White 3/4 length sleeve top from Boden  ( sale)
Ness bright pink knit -  ( sale)


Coral skinnys from Urban Outfiters
Bootcut jeans from For All Mankind
Capri pants from Superdry


Scarves :

Pink/white/grey - local shop - Rowan Tree

Blue/White spots - Peony

Bags: ( not included in the 30 as you don't officially wear them)

Kate Spade - Cream and Black 2012
Russell and Bromley - Cream 2011


Jackpot - striped grey, white, taupe and coral skirt ( sale)
Great Plains - Coral, bue, taupe and white floral
Great Plains - Coral mini  ( sale)
Stills - Grey skirt  ( sale)


L.K Bennett - tunic/dress with coral and grey ( sale )

L.K Bennett - wrap around dress black/grey 


Crew Denim Jacket ( removable fleece collar!)  ( Outlet sale)


 I am going to try and photograph myself in these outfits , but the weather is so wet I cant get outside to take any decent photographs , so I will lay the outfits out and try and add them later in the week if I can ! My camera has an awful shadow on it with photos that are taken inside - a visit to the camera doctor is in order I feel. You can see it in some of the photos of my little girls room - creepy!

I did try last week on holiday to get a few snaps , but as you can see the wind was our enemy, but hey I'll put them on so you can have a laugh at my expense!

Outfit 1.

Pink Ness Top
Pink/Grey Scarf
White Boden top
Grey Stills Skirt
Next Wedges

Update!! Ok so I've added one outfit picture this week - excuse the hair . I got damp walking back from school ....... again!A scarf in July - well it was only 58 degrees today and wet. I even put the heating on to dry everything out.

 Outfit 2.

Oasis bird top
Stills grey skirt
Next pumps

 Outfit 3.

Oasis bird top
For all Mankind  jeans
Jade Necklace
Fly white wedges


  1. That's brilliant! I honestly don't think I could do this challenge!! Looking forward to following how you get on, Avril x

  2. I've spent all my money in the sales before our hols so I am being firm about not buying anything new ! Had such a laugh trying to get photos in the wind- if anything I will provide a laugh for a few folks!! X

  3. This looks like a real challenge! I'm also looking forward to seeing how you do! x

  4. Not sure I'll make it all the way, but I'll give it a go!! Much more simple deciding what to wear I must say though! X