Saturday, 8 March 2014

Cleaning up my act

Clean Cleaning Products!

Over the past year I have been trying to clean up our lifestyle somewhat. It started with a few beauty products , mainly for the kids, where I began to avoid unnecessary additives and preservatives. This then became a full on change to the way we ate with a "clean" diet ( see this post). Some of these rules have slipped whilst I have concentrated on my return to full time teaching, but I am reigning things back in again.

My middle son has also been diagnosed with a plethora of allergies so it makes sense to look also to what I am spraying into our environment . I just don't want to be adding to his sniffles.

I like a clean house, I admit it.

 It messes with my sense of order and calm if my house is not clean and in order. I just can't focus and feel out of control. I am not talking immaculate here, but general clean and tidy - as best as can be with 3 kids anyway! So I looked into changing over to environmentally friendly products wherever I could. This included washing powders as well. 

I stumbled across this brand on another blog and was really impressed with the results of the polish so took the plunge and ordered a whole range from The Big Green Smile. Most of these products are from Method, although the fabric softener is Attitude , as is the window cleaner. I felt that they were all very good value for money and good size bottles of product too. You don't need much to get the results needed and the smell is lovely - not at all artificial, just fresh, clean and natural. I am on to a winner here. I also got a load of coloured micro fibre cloths to colour code my cleaning too. 

Obsessed Moi?! 

Maybe just a smidge.

Cleaning Caddy

Daily Cleaners

This pink grapefruit multi surface cleaner is fabulous. Not only does it clean up any grease, it smells divine.

The bathroom cleaner gives a shiny finish and also a pleasant, just laundered scent to the room - I will be using a lot of this one.

This is a beautiful scent again - leaves the kitchen spotless and with a lingering smell of having been just clean for hours.

 Daily granite cleaner - there is a bit of a knack to this, but it does give a sheen back to granite that is smeared or dull. I use it once a day. ( Apologies for the photo)

This was the one that started it all off. I know when I spray this onto my wood I am putting something good into it! It smells great - not like artificial polishes do . It gives a moist shine and keeps working too.

This is the window cleaner spray - I use it on mirrors too. Great - no smears as far as I can tell!

Again a great product - I have gone through a bottle of this already. I can see a bulk order coming up!

The thing that I really like is that I know I am not pouring anything nasty down drains and into our environment. These products are effective and smell glorious. Definitely worth a look. They retail from £3.00 depending on the product. I got mine from The Big Green Smile. They have a wide range of products for sale on this site.

*I brought these products myself. I was not sent these to review. I am a cleaning junkie!


  1. I must take a look Claire as I love buying new cleaning products also! Hope you are enjoying the weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Love your Housekeepers Box Claire! Must try some of these products - the wood and kitchen/bathroom ones looks good - in fact they all look good! I just wish I had more time to do more cleaning - how on earth are you fitting it all in now you're working all those hours? xx

  3. A really great review of products I'm not familiar with - I need to look into this some more & maybe give them a try.

  4. Dirt build-up is inevitable for every household and the only way to combat it is through frequent cleaning itself. It may seem odd to others, but cleaning and organizing regularly will result in a clean, organized and wonderful home. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Dennis Daugherty

  5. Method products are great, lovely smelling too! Xx

  6. I love the Method laminate floor cleaner.
    They are great products.

  7. I love using the method products and my favourite is the smell of the bathroom cleaner. Interested to hear how you use the granite cleaner as I am not sure I am using it correctly

  8. I love your Housekeepers box, I need to get me one of those! x