Monday, 21 October 2013

A "Free" Product?

With my Boots Vouchers

I managed to buy our fridge freezer for the new kitchen off the Boots Electrical site. This meant I had , with my existing points a whopping £45 in points to spend! Boots also refunded the delivery fee of £19.99 on our fridge freezer due to the slightly unpleasant sales experience I had. That and an apology and I shall say no more - the matter for me is resolved!

I went and had a look at the Smashbox palettes that Boots are now stocking. I have had my eye on these for a while, but as usual I was tempted away from my intended choice by this gorgeous palette that is a limited addition.

Smashbox Palette - Another New Day Blog

It is called Fade to Black and has a lovely selection of browns, golds, shimmers, matts and a shiny black that will be perfect for the Christmas season! It is a slender box that sits neatly in the hand and contains a useful eye shadow brush too. 

I think most of my Boots points will be heading in this direction for the foreseeable future - I predict a new love affair beginning.

This is not particularly cheap at £32, but comparable with other palettes of it's quality. I have been wearing these colours almost every day since buying this and they are great. I do find with the darker colours they do drop a bit on application, but this is not a huge deal for me . It is easily compensated for by the gorgeous depth of colour and the fact that they look as good as new at the end of the day....they just last and last. I find the application smooth and even and although one swipe of colour is enough for me you could build up a really dramatic depth of colour with two or three layers if you were more adventurous. 

This is my first ever Smashbox purchase, but I shall be returning. I got given a few samples and loved the foundations so am saving up my Boots point again!

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  1. Those are totally my colours and unbelievably I don't have any in my current makeup collection. I used to have but they got so old that I had to throw them away for my eyes' sake and it's about time to reinvest. But this little palette seems to cover all the colours that I would find most useful. It has been bookmarked.

  2. What a bonus. Every time you look at the fridge it will make you smile.

  3. Fab palette and wonderful to get all those points! I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow just dark brown as a liner x

  4. Gorgeous palette Claire - those are my kind of colours! I keep hovering around the Smashbox counter every so often and one day will get to buy something! xx

  5. Love the packaging colours, rubbish with shadow unfortunately! Can only see your jumper sleeve but it looks lovely & cosy.... Xx

  6. What a great plus for buying a fridge. Love the colours.