Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Deal Changers for My Skin

This is the first in a series of posts called Deal Changers

Clarifying Toners.

Just a quick note first - we have electrics on and off and intermittent internet at the moment as our building works power on so please forgive my lack of posts lately. Pearl arrives today and the kitchen is looking great - I am hoping I will have a picture for you very soon!

As you know I have been looking into my skincare routines this year and tweeking them a little. Your skin changes as you get older. Actually I find my skin changes from season to season and also when I am unwell.

For those of you who like random facts here are a few about your skin you may find interesting:

1) It is your biggest organ - 2 metres when stretched out, accounting for 15% of your body weight.

2) Every inch of your skin has the exact stretchiness and strength for it's location. The skin on your knuckles is very different to the skin on your belly.

3) The thinnest skin is found on your eye lids

4) The thickest skin is found on the soles of your feet

It is not surprising that when we are sick or we don't look after skin it shows. I know if I am tired my skin becomes dry and dull. If I don't drink enough I find it looks spotty and uneven.

I have found a group of products that have made a huge difference to my skin.

Exfoliating and Clarifying Toners.

I began by using the Ren Clarifying Toner and have since added the Clarins exfoliating Toner into my weekly routine.

They keep my skin clear. They tighten pores and deep cleanse. They diminish the need for exfoliating and facial brushes. I have never really used rough exfoliaters. I have always used Dermalogias daily microfoliant as it is so gentle. I don't like to rip at my skin with rough bits of debris or whatever it is they put in these products. I do have a facial brush as well which is very soft and I use this twice a week to massage my skin gently and again I find this really tightens pores and cleanses well. I don't use it daily as I feel it is a little too much for my skin.

You can read about the Ren toner here. It is more gentle and I use this daily.

The Clarins Toner is definitely a stronger treatment. I hear some people do use it daily once their skin is accutomed to it. At the moment I use it 2 - 3 times a week and that seems to be enough. There is a lot on the box about the white nettle extract and  Tamarind, whilst sounding delighfully natural, it does also contain other less desirable ingredients. However, it also contains natural acids which are so good for the skin.They  revive the complexion, smooth skin texture and deliver an even and radiant complexion.

 BUT, here is the thing. It does have alcohol in. I have this raging discussion that goes on within me about alcohol in products. There is plenty to read online about it and I have written about it before so I won't repeat myself, but I don't think it is particularly necessary or good for your skin. However, it is  the case at the moment of " don't throw the baby out with the bath water". If it does not adversely affect your skin and is not in high levels I suspect it is ok.

This product has really given my skin a glow ! Even more so than the Ren toner did. Having said that I do have a little voice niggling in the back of my head saying " alcohol is the second ingredient" . This means it is quite a high percentage of this product and really if you were to ask me if I am happy about that, I would answer "no". So when this is finished , despite seeing such a radial improvement in my skin I am going to try the next toner on my list - the pixi glow tonic . It does not have alcohol in it. It is a bit tricky to get hold of, but is reasonable in price so we shall see.

What product has been a deal changer for you?

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see your kitchen. I've been thinking about Pearl since you posted about her (in a non stalker way - more in a 'want a new kitchen' way). She really is fab. I SO want a kitchen makeover now!!
    But onto skin stuff - I avoid Clarins like the plague.....awful ingredients with long term issues in my opinion. Ren on the other hand - LOVE. It and Neal's Yard are my products of choice. So want to try the new NYR Frankincense Intense cream - supposed to be amazing. But to date, I would say that finding balm based cleansers, like NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm and the less expensive Boots Botanics Balm, has been the deal changer for my skin. It really feels properly cleansed now and I love using the hot clothes to remove it. So lovely on the skin - and no awful cotton wool needed! Ax

    1. Ha ha - I have waited 12 years for this kitchen - it feels like a very long time! I am beginning to agree with the Clarins - it is just the addition of alcohol to so much that concerns me . I tried Botanics, but found their toner was almost completely alcohol too! You just can't win. Ren is my go to , along with certain Dermalogica at the moment , but as you know with me that could change! x

  2. I nearly bought the Clarins Toner today, dithered around in Boots - as you do and ended up just re-purchasing my LE Instant Boost Skin Tonic - which I needed to replace. I still love it for hydration in the evening! My eczema has started playing up again so thinking I should stick to something more gentle until it clears up. Can't wait to see the kitchen! xx

    1. Good decision I think! Ren is a good on, but stick with what you know suits your skin!

  3. Since I ordered the Liz Earle products my skin has vastly improved so I will stick with them for the time being:)
    Have a good week Claire.Looking forwrd to seeing your new kitchen!
    ~Anne xx

    1. I enjoy Liz Earle too - I may go back to the hot cleanser after my clinique runs out - just for the change! I get bored easily! The kitchen is looking good, but has been very stressful - story coming! X

  4. I have never used a clarifying toner, I don't really know what the difference between that and a normal toner is, and there is me thinking I am a product junkie! I'm still using Dermalogica toner and microfoliant, love them both. x

  5. I would love to use REN EVERYTHING, just love everything I have tried - usually at my Sister In Laws house haha! For now I just have the Rose Otto bodywash & oil.
    Really like Clarins too but now a bit concerned after first comment, hhhmmmm......
    Anything to do with renovation is stressful - I have done it 3 times and never again!!
    Hope life is settling down for you now? XX

  6. Have you ever tried Dr Hauschka? - very ethical, natural products, and not too expensive.

  7. I am fan of ren also. I like to use natural products and I find rose oil really suits me as my skin is very sensitive

  8. I've recently discovered Oqibo Skin Refining Exfoliator - I just use this 2-3 times a week whenever I feel my skin needs a deeper cleanse. The texture is really gentle quite gentle as the beads are made from marine ingredients. I'm probably the opposite to you though Claire - I want as few products as possible on my shelf!