Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beauty Routines Part Six

Wish List

This is the last part to my Beauty Routines Posts .

We all have things that we would love to go out and buy if we had unlimited funds. Sometimes I wonder if I was rich, I mean really rich, because actually you and I are rich compared to so many in this unfair world, but if I had the sort of money where  it didn't matter how much I spent, then would I just go and buy all the items on my wish list? 


I do have a growing list of clothes I would like to be hanging in my closet, a few accessories that would be rather nice, a couple of holidays I would love to take, but for now we are being wise as we have spent rather a lot lately on something loosely called a building project.

I do have a list of beauty products that I would like to try and add to my daily routine, either to replace an existing product or to add to the routine when needed. None of these are excessively expensive, but all have had great reviews :

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel  - This sounds a delightful cleanser and the reviews on it have all been good. It seems to be suited to most skin types too. It retails at £19.50

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum - This serum has had some great reviews and I have almost picked it up so many times! It retails for £17.00.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum ( new) - I had some samples of the old product and it was amazing. My skin always looked great in the morning after using it. I was just uncertain about the silcones that were used. However, apparently these have been cut down in the new product. I have bagged a 7ml sample and again am loving it. It can cause me to break out if I use it every night , but alternate nights is great. The introductory price is £44

Pixi Glow Tonic - I already have the Ren clarifying toner and now the Clarins exfoliating toner ( review to come), but I am also hankering after this one. These toners have been a real deal changer for my skin. You can buy the product by phoning the store on 02072877211. It is £16

Line Release Eye Cream by Kate SomerVille - actually anything from her line now she is shipping to the UK!

Do you have any products on a wish list?

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  1. Hi there! these products sound really great, thanks for sharing this! Hope you have a good week too xx

  2. I have Heaven overnight success moisturiser by Deborah Mitchell on my list.... supposed to be like botox in a jar!! It is very expensive though:(
    ~Anne xx

    1. Why do they have to be so expensive!! Sounds lovely :) x

  3. Emma Hardie cleansing balm is on my list along with the advanced night repair. At the minute i use clarins extra comfort cleansing and can't really find a moisturiser for night(that's in my budjet) Your so right though, in comparison to some i know that i am rich. The only problem with these products is if i try them and love them, then how do i sustain this? The are £34 and £49 respectivley :(

    1. It can mount up ! I do try and eek out my products and make them last as long as possible. I think I would rather have one really good quality product than a few cheaper ones though! A dilemma! X

  4. Clarins Melt Gel and Exfoliating Toner are on mine (to name but a few!) - looking forward to your review of the toner! xx

    1. I am enjoying the toner - just need to find time to write the review!! ha ha!

  5. Anything REN!! A real treat for me being so luxurious.
    Love the Clarins Melt Gel too - this post reminded me I haven't used it in ages.
    My skin has been problematic recently but much better now & I'm currently using a £2.99 moisturiser as a pose to my £30.00 one!
    Thanks for sharing your Beauty Routine Posts, XX