Friday, 6 September 2013

Frugal Friday - Quidco


I haven't done a Frugal Friday post for a while, but I thought I would do a quick one on my fridge purchase.

We have had to buy a new fridge freezer for our kitchen. Mainly because the old one was built into the old kitchen and it broke. We did buy a temporary replacement, but this is not big enough and does not have a freezer section so I have been scouring the internet for a good deal on an American style fridge freezer.

 I made the mistake of finding the fridge I wanted and not ordering it straight away. By the time I got around to it it had gone up £300 !! Not to be deterred I shopped around, using the power of Google to it's full potetial and found, if I was happy to change the shade of grey slightly, I could get it cheaper than the original price from Boots Electrical.

Now this is where there is money to be made.

If you are a member of Quidco you will know that you can order from many large companies , Boots included and get cashback on your purchases - up to 8% cashback on your purchases..... and yes you still get your Boots points , just make sure your log in. So I duly made the deal and have earnt £36 on my Boots card and between 3% and 8% cashback on a £905 fridge. I am just waiting for that payment to register. Definately worth the 5 minutes it took to think about that one!

All the money I earn back on my cashback site this year is going towards my America trip, as are my e.bay sales and any tutoring money.

America here we come!! 

If you want to find out more about Quidco here is the link

This is not a sponsored post - just a way I find  useful for making my money work hard for me.  

My only complaint since purchase has been Boots Electrical phoning up to very kindly confirm delivery and try and get me to extend my insurance to a life time guarantee. I asked to have some time to read the booklet before giving details, but was quite aggressively pursued for my bank details over the phone . I didn't give them any information of course and was very disappointed in this part of the service.No one should  be pressurised in this manner to give personal/sensitive information out over the phone.   I will be complaining and will let you know the outcome.

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