Monday, 9 September 2013

Beauty Routines Part Five


I have two masks on the go at the moment. I don't tend to use clay masks as they seem to dry my skin out. I think it is about timing and catching them before them crack on your face so they have done the good, but not sucked you dry. I just get distracted and before I know it , it has set like concrete and I have to scrub to get it all off.

I prefer a gentler approach.

  • Ren glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel
I love both these masks and if I can be organised enough will use them a couple of times a week. You can read the review of the Ren one here. It really is a great mask and is a real deal changer for my skin. I will definitely buy this again ( and again.)

The Elemis peel is a gentle treatment , but leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. I was given this in a Bloggers goodie bag . It is an unusual texture, but my skin does like it! Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C which in turn is a powerful antioxidant. The enzyme papain in the skin and flesh of the fruit actually breaks down dead skin cells and helps promote skin renewal. It can help with improving skin's texture, elasticity and appearance and even assist with treatment of skin conditions like acne, blemishes and age spots. There is a lot of goodness in nature!

You can ususally find products cheaper online or get a voucher or two to get some money off. Boots is great for the occasional deal but I also find the following sites are good for picking up products at great prices:

Cheap Smells
Look Fantastic
Beauty Bay
Feel Unique
Chemist Direct

If you are starting out in developing a new skin care routine I would invest in three things to begin. You can add more as funds allow.

  1. A good all round cleanser that removes make up too. You can use this to multi task and to double cleanse with. I would avoid foaming cleansers. They tend to be stripping of moisture because of the foaming agents that can be used.
  2. A toner , even simple rosewater will do. No fragrance or alcohol.
  3. A great moisturiser. Not with SPF. I am assuming you have suncream anyway. 
Here are some suggestions for starting a skincare collection :

  1. Be brave and take a picture of your face and look closely at your skin. What issues are most prominent? What skin type are you? What does you skin need - moisture, blemish control, plumping, pigmentation fading etc
  2. Write down a list of what you see. Try and match some prodcut with your skin. For example. Dry patches on cheeks = moiture boost serum. Pigmentation = cream to fade this. etc
  3. Prioritise your list.
  4. Go and ask/send off for samples of products you wish to try. You can get a great skincare routine going on samples alone!
  5. It is never too late to start looking after your skin. Always wear suncream. Always.
Here are some great collections to try. Click on the links to browse. These are not affiliate links, just simply that I think they deserve a look!

Liz Earle

Finally, these are a couple of my Favourite Beauty Bloggers! No nonsense approach! Love them.

Beauty and the Biryani

Essie Button
Caroline Hirrons
Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog

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  1. I love the Papaya Enzyme Peel Claire - it's an old favourite - not bought it for a while though as I've so many other products to use! The Ren mask is definitely on my list for the future! Great tips on starting a routine and thankyou so much for the mention! I'm very flattered and gobsmacked all in one go! Means a lot! xx