Monday, 16 September 2013

A Woman's Prerogative

To change her mind.

I have found that I have changed my mind on a couple of products that on first use I simply wasn't impressed with. Sometimes , however hard you try to like something at first it simply does't fit or work for you, but over time you begin to reach for it as you find it actually does what it says " on the tin"

I have a couple of products that when I first tried them out I really didn't think I would get on with them, but have ended up repurchasing and using again ....


1)The first is the Nip and Fab CC eye fix. 

I did a review on the CC cream and eye fix here and was not overly impressed , although did not completely write the eye fix off. However, I now have used it all up and repurchased it. I find it great for wearing under the eye, on top of my Bobbi Brown corrector. It gives a lightness to the eye area and also is great for a bit of contouring down the centre of the face. It has a lovely reflective quality to it without a unnatural sheen. I have the light shade.

2) The second product is a more recent purchase, but I have worn it constantly since buying it - the Bourjois Colour Boost. At first I felt it was too runny , but it actually is a lovely product and very easy to apply. The colour I have is Red Sunrise and is absolutely gorgeous. Love it. My original review is here. It is a Watermelon colour, not quite pillar box red , not pink. So much cheaper than the Clinque Chubby Sticks and a nice change from the Revlon Lip Stains.

I am wearing both products in this sheepish selfie.

Channeling the long fringed look as modelled so beautifully by Susie So So

I am trying to take the approach with my toiletries that I have with my wardrobe at the moment and am just using up what I already have. I have decided that my weakness is definitely in this area. At those times when I am trying to be careful with what I spend, I can convince myself that somehow it doesn't seem so bad to pop an extra lippie for £4.99 in the supermarket trolley, but of course it all adds up and I do have rather a great collection building up. I am going to see how long I can last without buying anything new. That is of course, after I have managed to obtain the "Notting Hill Nude Moisture Renew Lipstick" by Rimmel that seems to be eluding me in our sleepy part of the world! 

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  1. That lip colour looks really nice, I can't do red so am always on the lookout for an alternative. I have lots of Nip and Fab products, I must see if I have that one x

    1. This is a lovely shade - not too red at all. X

  2. I find that sometimes testers are much better than the full size product.

  3. yes I agree - I enjoy my beauty box for that reason - I get to try a load of stuff out first! Also being a product junkie it gives me a monthly fix!!

  4. I love the lip colour Claire and your lashes look great - you wearing your Cover Girl mascara? I have a similar product to the Nip and Fab - definitely need all the brightening I can get! Love the sheepish selfie! xx

    1. Yes I am - love it - it just seems to suit my lashes and never clumps! They say Max factor is almost the same as Cover Girl so I might do a trial and see? Ha - thought I'd be brave - imperfections and all eh? Why let all the perfect young 'uns have all the fun!! X

  5. Great post, I have the Bourjois lip crayon in the same shade and I love it :) xx