Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A New Phone

We live in an area of fairly poor mobile phone reception . Whilst this has it's benefits of peace and quiet and not having the phone ringing at all times, it has recently become more of a problem. My husband runs his business from home and I need to be contacted at short notice for my work, so better reception than we currently had was a bit of a necessity.

I decided to upgrade my phone through Vodaphone and their Sure Signal Box which gives almost perfect signal all around our house. At the same time I upgraded my existing phone from a Samsung Galaxy to an iphone 5. Of course a change of phone necessitates a change of accessories and I was sent this one courtesy of Mobile Fun to try out.

It is from a great little range illustrated by Nikki Pinder. All the designs are detailed and unusual. They are really my cup of tea and I'd much prefer to have something like this gracing my phone than the same cover as everyone else has! They are really unique. The case is slim and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to protect the phone. Check out the other options below. Mobile Fun has a variety of options for cases you can look at here.

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  1. I've actually just upgraded to a Samsung S4 and the choice of covers is quite limiting compared to what's on offer with the iPhones. You can imagine that's quite annoying for someone who likes to focus on the small details.

    I do like those designs though. A little different from the norm as you say.

    1. I had a S2 for two years and loved it - am struggling to get used to the iphone now - camera is nowhere near as good :(

    2. I have to admit the S4 camera is what sold me. The pictures I've taken so far have been better than with my normal handheld. And it's always a bit of a struggle to switch from something like a Samsung to an iPhone - you get used to the layout and how it funtions and then you have to learn all new tricks again. Partly why I went back to a Samsung. I tried the iPhone for a while but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  2. Hi Claire! the pattern on the case is a lovely unique design and I love the colourways on it! Hope you have a good week! xxx

  3. I love my iphone - it is only a 4 but a massive step up from my old Blackberry.

  4. Those covers are so cute. I couldn't be without my iphone but I was tempted by the S4 when I recently upgraded x

  5. Very cute covers and as you say, nice to have something a little different. I'm positively a dinosaur now, with my iphone 4. Possibly time I upgraded as well

  6. Ooh lovely case I really like it! I have an iPhone and love it after many years of a blackberry xx

  7. Lovely case Claire:) I have an iPhone 4 and for some reason I am the only one in the house who can't get good coverage ever,I have been up and down to the phone shop but they were no help!
    ~Anne xx

  8. Those are lovely designs! I love the intricacy of the lines, as well as the colors. Do you know where Nikki Pinder took inspiration from? Her designs remind me of the batik, a traditional Indonesian art form, of which I'm a fan.

    Mary Hagopian @ TelcoWorld.com.au