Wednesday, 23 April 2014

CND Vinylux Nail Polish

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Weekly Top Coat

I have been itching to try out some of these shellac style polishes that promise a longer lasting finish without the expense or the use of a lamp.

These Vinylux polishes by CND seemed a good place to start.

CND vinylux Pink Bikini, Rubble and Weekly Top Coat

I ordered two colours - Pink Bikini and Rubble and the Weekly Top Coat.

My favourite nail polish brands are Essie, Orly and Jessica , but even with a good topcoat I only get a couple of days out of a manicure with these brands. It would be great to be able to extend this to 4 or 5 days. I tried the bloggers favourite top coat Seche Vite, but I found my nails chipped sooner with this. I think it is the quick dry variety that somehow causes a shorter wear time. The best top coat I have ever had had is the Orly Top 2 Bottom product.

These Vinylux polishes are easy to apply. The brush is a good size and carries an adequate amount of polish. You do need two coats as the first can look patchy, although this may be poor technique on my part! You then apply the weekly top coat. This gives a shiny, gel look to the finish that lasts.

The verdict

I didn't get a whole weeks wear out of my nails, BUT  I got a lot longer than usual nail polish!!

This stuff is very hardwearing and well worth the hype.

I am very hard on my nails . I am a cleaning junkie and an early years teacher - need I say more. If it lasts 4 -6 days on me then I am sure it will last even longer on a standard person! I also plan to try the topcoat out over normal polish - just in case it extends the wear!!

I got my polishes at Nail Polish Direct for £8.95 a polish and free delivery. They arrived well packed and quickly. I shall be back for more colours soon. 

Have you tried these polishes - how long did they last for you?


  1. Hi, No I haven't tried them, but I have tried the Seche Vite, and it was ok, but it did dry my nails out a lot? How do you find the condition of your nail with the CND? I am currently trying to get my poor nails stronger, by using the Nailtiques products, which seem to be working, hurrah! xx

  2. I have heard great things about these polishes. My sister in law raves about them and gets over a week out of her nail polish now. I'm definitely planning to invest in some. Good to hear that you gave it the seal of approval also x

  3. These definitely sound like something I need to look into Claire! I am super hard on my hands also (as you know) and having to change polish every two days does my head in! Would love to know how it wears over a standard polish! xx

  4. I have tried them all I do think that the sally Hansen range lasts the best

  5. I haven't tried this particular brand but purchased a gel type varnish last week, I'm very happy with the results up to now, still in tact after 2 days wear and some heavy gardening!