Friday, 30 May 2014

Bedroom revamp

The Lime Stripe.

We've had a lovely half term - much needed catch up time with family and sleep! Working full time is really no laughing matter - where does the time go?

Over the past months we have slowly continued with work on our house. My eldest son got a room to himself for the first time as part of our extension. This was simply because my hubby has moved out of the spare room which was being used as home office. The room is above the new kitchen and had been affected by the build so needed some remedial work doing to it. To save a bit of money I needed to undertake this myself. My eldest son had decided on a fairly complicated design for his walls. Being the person I am, I was not to be beaten and set to it. WIth the help on a couple of rolls of masking tape and a bucket load of patience I got there in the end. The whole room didn't cost much at all. Here is a run down.

The work as it started:

The paint goes on:

The finished job :

Lime : Fired Earth Sale £8.50
Linen: Existing
Grey: Fired Earth - left over from kitchen
White: Dulux £12.50 ( 1/2 pot left)


Bed: World Stores 30% off £240
Mattress : With Tesco Vouchers on double up . Used £60 worth of vouchers, no cash
Chest of drawers : £45 Ikea Malm
Desk : £125 Ikea Malm
Light shades: B and Q £5 and £10 Lime

The rest of the furniture and pictures were existing. 

He actually keeps the room fairly neat and tidy as he is so delighted with it. The arrangement of the furniture was his and he has since changed it again!

I now need to tackle my other sons bedroom, but we have decided to move a wall between my daughters bedroom ( seen here) and his . This is because her room is so small and his is huge - the wall is only a partition wall so in theory should be easy to move. Of course the reality is new carpets, redecoration, more mess etc etc!

I have also spent half term catching up with my blog and getting some posts written so I don't have another huge gap when term gets busy! 

It's good to be back.


  1. The bedroom turned out lovely...I like the colours and stripe effect as well :) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

  2. What a fabulous result. I bet he loves it.

    1. Thank you - he is thrilled with it and loves having his own space at last!

  3. Beautiful! I think it's perfect for a teenage boy!

    1. He is really enjoying it - can't believe I have a teenage son already! X

  4. Good to have you back Claire! The room looks amazing no wonder your son loves it! Can't believe you're doing another two bedrooms as well - my daughter wants hers doing this summer and I'm dreading the upheaval just for one room! xx

    1. Thank you Jenny! I will probably take years to get them done though! Drowning in life at the moment ! x

  5. Hello you! Lovely to click and see you posting again! The bedroom looks fabulous, you must be ferry patient with that masking tape, he's a lucky boy!
    Looking forward to reading more, hugs, vikki xxx