Sunday, 15 December 2013

December Birchbox

And a little catch up.

After This Post about my big news I planned to get myself organised and prepare for the start of my new job in January.

However for reasons that I won't go into I got an early morning phone call on Thursday asking if I would mind starting "today"?

Hence the lack of blog posts .I have been a little preoccupied.

My need to be organised has well and truly be challenged in so many ways this year, but I am getting there slowly. 

So onto all things beauty.

December Birchbox

I do like it that Birchbox includes brands that I haven't tried before . I have found that items are now creeping their way into my daily routine. When the samples are gone I am missing them so re order the full size if they are amazing. The Ritesens creme cleanser was just lovely and I have now reordered it. It suits my skin at this time of year and lasts for ages. I was intrigued to see another similar milk cleanser in the box this month so will be trying that out with a view to adding that in. I find my skin gets accustomed to cleansers so I like to have a few on rotation. 

  • Number 4 Non areosol hairspray - a great handbag size
  • Nail Rock Nail velvet - I tried this out straight away - I didn't do a great job as it was late, but it gives a lovely velvet effect. See the ring finger!!

  • Twistband - I am hooked on these - they don't bend or damage your hair.
  • Naobay Milk cleanser - lovely for dry skin
  • Alima Pure shimmer eye shadow - this looks pretty.
  • Aromatherapy Associated Bath and shower Gel - Smells divine

I am always happy with my little samples. It is a treat each month. I suspect it is not for everyone, but now I am working full time and don't seem to have a moment to spare  I shall enjoy my box even more.

Any tips from you working mums on time management gratefully received at this point in time!!


  1. The job news would have sent my stress levels through the roof! It's been so long since I worked full time and I had three young children back then and a two hour commute to London each day! My mum used to have the girls fed and bathed. Saturday mornings were housework and afternoons food shopping. Sunday mornings were ironing. I used to put the machine on every morning and mum would tumble dry for me, I remember it being more of an existence to keep the roof over our heads than a life although I did manage the odd night out around pay day! Good Luck xx

    1. I was a little " shell shocked", but it is only a few minutes away so no travel time. The kids also go to the same school so that makes it manageable! I think I shall return to washing on in the morning rather than saving it for the weekends - it is too much to keep on top of otherwise . OH has been great so far - he is learning fast and has even found the iron! Ha ha. Thanks Sharron ! X

  2. I love this nail polish!

    Life is full of twists and turns, but sounds like you've handled the challenge of starting the new job quite well!

    1. It seems to be a really hard wearing one as well - I was uncertain the velvet effect would with stand water , but I have washed up and bathed children and no chips or damage as yet....and thank you re. the job!!

  3. I agree with Sharron - I would have been really stressed with such a sudden change. I guess it's just a matter of establishing your routine though and it will all fall into place eventually. Let us know how you get on if you have time! I must try the Twistband - anything that doesn't damage my hair is welcome Claire and the eyeshadow and nail polish look lovely! xx

  4. Good Luck with the job - I think it is essential you keep your little treats coming.

  5. Oh gosh, I would have been in a panic too! Sure you will take it in your stride, what doesn't get done doesn't get done!
    When I was full time & kids were small I did have a cleaner 3 hours a week, godsend which meant weekends were free to spend with family.
    You'll be great, xx

  6. Wishing you you and your family a very Happy Christmas . Hope you have a fun filled day.