Thursday, 5 December 2013

Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea

Tea with Trimmings

I adore tea. I drink bucket loads of the stuff every day.

I start the day with a strong cup of proper coffee, but every cup from there on in is tea, tea, tea.

I first experienced Teapigs in my Birchbox and quickly became addicted to this luxurious brand of tea. Teapigs use tea temples that are created out of biodegradable mesh bags, filled with quality whole leaf only. These bags allow room for maximum infusion to occur.

You place the tea temple in your favourite cup and infuse it with boiling water for at least 3 minutes. The smell and taste is divine. 

These Spiced Winter Red flavour are right up my street for this time of year - really warming and not too spicy, but a lovely warm touch. Adore! I shall certainly be sipping on these over the Christmas period. 

Oh and check out their Christmas gift shop here - fantastic! You can get an extra 20% off until the end off December too with the code XMAS13 ( excludes cheeky deals, mix and match and matcha kits)

Go explore!

What is your favourite Tipple?


  1. I can't bear tea of any flavour, only like normal tea and earl grey, however a gingerbread latte slips down a treat!

  2. I must try these - they sound ideal for this time of year as you say Claire - love the spicy theme (my brother would love them too - he's into all sorts of tea!). I don't drink loads of hot drinks but I do prefer tea to coffee during the day - like you though I have a coffee first thing school mornings to wake me up! xx

  3. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but give me a good cup of tea any day! I love black tea, green tea, herbal tea...basically all I've tried have appealed to me.

  4. Your teacup is adorable!! I love a nice cup of tea every night. Especially when it's freezing out. I wonder if it is available in the states? I feel like I haven't talked with you in forever. I hop you are doing well XOX

    1. I know:( Life has been pretty up and down and a lot to face but thing are looking up - I shall check in!! XX

  5. I love teapigs, they are my favourite range but you can't beat a big mug of builders brew! x