Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Clairol Bee Strong Shampoo

I have been using Pureology's Shampoo for a while now as my hair has been very dry. My go to shampoo and conditioner is usually the Liz Earle combination for dry hair which I adore, but I had stored up the Pureology duo for an emergency so was using it up.

 However, I was puzzled at how quickly I was whizzing through it. I only wash my hair every three days and I use a small amount of it each time as a little goes a long way. No sooner had I started the bottle it seemed I was shaking out the last bit. Puzzled I confronted my OH who sheepishly confessed to having been using it ....daily! Gutted. 

I grabbed a sample I had from a magazine of the Clairol Bee Strong for damaged hair. I didn't have much hope. I've tried many off the shelf shampoos and they do nothing for my wiry mess of an excuse for hair, but this seems to be amazing. I have since got a full bottle of both shampoo and conditioner ( on offer) at the dizzy price of £2 each. I have used it 3 times and each time my hair feels strong and looks shiny. It handles well when drying and lasts three days without becoming greasy. It doesn't itch, which is always a sign of too many nasties in it for me so we will see. Of course it is not paraben free etc  and I would love to get my Pureology or Liz Earle back as soon as I find myself a bit of money off, but if you are looking for a drugstore alternative that does a good job I wouldn't rule this one out , not at all. Smells divine too - apricot and honey.


  1. One to remember. Certainly sounds good although I am still on the lower sulphate shampoo and conditioner x

    1. It is a good cheaper one - I was really impressed with how it performed despite some of the ingredients - not too bad though! x

  2. Sounds like one to look out for Claire (isn't this the range Nicole Scherzinger advertises - wonder if she really uses it?). I'm into strengthening haircare at the moment - it's my new obsession! xx

  3. I tried a sample of this and I loved the scent :) xx

  4. I've tried the 'honey i'm strong' loved the scent and it made my hair so soft.

  5. Men eh! I've not seen this one before, it sounds great! xx

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