Saturday, 9 November 2013

Deal Changers for My Hair

Products to Tame the Frizz!

If you have a mop of hair that falls naturally into place after washing then I envy you and you won't understand my need of hair product! If you have hair like mine that has a mind of it's own then read on.....

My hair , if left , is something akin to a wiry, frizzy mess and takes some work to get it to look mildly presentable. I have the sort of hair that seems to react violently to strong products and either hangs limply because the product is too heavy or flies free and frizzy because the product is just not right. There is no rhyme nor reason to it.

If I had to pick a word to describe my hair it would be 


So, after many years of trial and error I have come up with a list of my top styling products that tame my hair.

  • I do use two or three products on my hair at a time

  • I don't use a load of product that weighs the hair down but layer a smaller amount of the products in my hair

  • I don't put each product all over my hair, just in the area I need it. e.g healing oil on the ends.

Sebastian Volumpt Spray

This is a root spray gel for volume. It works wonders for root lift . I love this product. It really brings shine to my hair too.

Sebastian Mousse Forte

This is more of an all over volume mousse, but when I use it I apply it more where I need it and then comb it through the rest of the hair. It is not sticky at all and brings amazing lift and volume that lasts over a few days . It makes my hair feel really light. A fantasic product for big hair!

Beauty Protector

This is a protect and detangle spray. It makes my hair smooth and soft and tangle free. It gets rid of the frizz and seems to prevent it frizzing up again during the day! I did a separate review on this product I love it so much here.

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray

I always found the normal healing oil a little heavy for my hair, but this spray is delightful. I got the smallest size to trial, but will be getting the biggest when I can! I use it on wet hair before I style and occasionally on dry ends between washes. It eliminates dryness almost completely. It is one of those "no brainer" products.

Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity

This is a lightweight, brushable, control hairspray. It gives a light mist of spray, but not heavy control and brushes out easily. I use it to hold my hair during styling and find that my hair lasts days longer if I do . A revelation!

TRESemme Instantrefresh

This is a dry shampoo to remove oil and boost body. I used a whole bottle and more of this whilst camping this year. It is a great dry shampoo. It smells lovely and does not leave a residue behind. It is very similar to the KMS one, but a lot less expensive! A great find.

What is your current favourite hair product?

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of hair stuff! I use fudge products which are now available in super drug and so far I've been really happy with then. TK maxx have some high end hair products at good discounts btw x

    1. yes I have "that" hair! You are so right - I picked up a fantastic "it's a 10" deep conditioner from TK Maxx last week for a fiver. You can't get them in the UK usually and they are usually a lot more than that so I was very pleased. I tend to get my products form Cheap Smells as they are really good prices- especially the Macademia products. Definitely the cheapest price around anywhere I've seen so far :O Hope today went well! X

  2. I have huge hair so never blow dry but I did the other day and one of daughters said I looked like Hagrid!

  3. I am the same Claire with the unpredictable hair and I also use several products at a time - in fact I have so many products on the go at once I think I have a problem! x