Monday, 25 November 2013


When Working

This is an area that is new to me.

I had the area of 

"Organisation as a Stay at home Mum" almost cracked on some days.

I think the trouble is with organisation and kids is the kids part. 

They tend to mess it up. 


These are the things that help me out.

  • Schedules.

I have schedules typed out so everyone can see them and see who should be doing what, going where, wearing what, taking what, handing what in, going to what club, etc etc etc. From January there is a possibility that I will be working more and I have 3 kids at  2 different schools. From September I will have 3 kids at 3 different schools - that's a lot of different schedules. 

  • I lay uniforms and clothes out the night before.

  • I get the kids to get their sports kits out for their clubs the night before.

  • I get them to plan the days on which they need to hand their homework in so they might not get caught out ( they still do) 

  • I get up early to give plenty of time in the morning to be organised before work and school.

  • Menu Plans - I know you heard me say it before! I can't cope not knowing what is for dinner that night and not having a few "easy cook" nights a week. 

  • I iron/wash everything at the weekend so it is ready for the week . If it doesn't get ironed/washed then it gets worn creased/dirty.

  • Basically whatever I can do ahead of time, I do. I feel sometimes it is a never ending cycle of keeping in front of a high speed train and I'd better not stop!

I am going to continue my series from earlier this year on organisation and share some ways I am trying to get reorganised after our building works. For me being organised never costs a lot, but it makes such a difference to the way our busy lives run. I shall be looking at gadgets I love, blogs I have found great,and giving tips on things I find help!

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How do you best organise your day and your children? Tips and Hints gratefully shared!


  1. great tips. organizing is the key!

  2. I must admit I like to be organised but it is much easier now than when I had three little girls and life was run like a military operation! The only thing I couldn't cope with is doing all the washing at the weekend, I have a load or two most days, so the ironing is a constant battle!

    1. I think I am still in that stage of military campaign style living! I start my washing on a Friday morning and finish it on a Sunday night ironing then ( apart from maybe some football kit on a short load) I don't do it in the week as I can't face it while I'm working ! It is a bit of a marathon and I have to remember to keep it going through, but it gets it out the way so for the moment it's working. It's the builders that started it as they were turning the services off in the week so I had to do everything at the weekend - just carried on now! I hate ironing - really hate it! X

  3. It really is a treadmill isn't it - we keep it going but if we have a blip and something stops us in our tracks it all goes to pot temporarily! I'm not half as organised as you are but I do like to meal plan most weeks . Like Sharron above I have one or two loads of washing in a day (I actually slightly panic if I can't get one load at least done!) and then the ironing mounts up but my hubby seems to catch up at the weekends (if his team is away he does it whilst he watches the footie on tv!). I'd love to get up earlier in the morning and get a few things done before work but can't seem to drag myself up at the moment! xx

    1. Unfortunately I have a husband who wouldn't know where to put dirty washing or how an iron turned on. I am trying to re train him as I am working more ( and maybe even more soon !) he could easily put some loads on in the week as he works from home and dry /fold them, but he doesn't and I'm so tired by the time I get back I can't face it! My best time is early morning - I am hopeless at night !

  4. There is some great tips. I usually write down what I need to do during the day and hope that I stick to it and that's all. :D

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