Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bath Sanctuary Hand Mask

Final Review

This is a product ( Original review) that I have been trying out to combat the battering my hands take on a daily basis with three kids in tow. You have to put a good amount of the mask, which is like a creamy souffle on your hands, then cover with some lightweight gloves overnight. You wash off any residue in the morning and follow up with hand cream . 

The Verdict

Now bear in mind I am a huge fan of most of Bath Spa products here and think they are fantastic value for money and hugely underrated, but......
I didn't feel that for the effort of sleeping in gloves that there was the huge difference over a month I would have liked to have seen. Sure, my hands were moisturised, but they have a lovely hand scrub and hand cream in their range that does a better job here (  I would say get these instead as the scrub makes a big impact).
I felt that the mask was absorbed very quickly and therefore was there really any point wearing the gloves? I also found even if I washed my hands afterwards there was still a tendency to leave bits on my skin. Personally, I wouldn't use it again, but try for yourself - it certainly left my hands moisturised and soft. I just prefer the other, simpler combination that is quicker and leaves my hands feeling deeply clean, smooth and moisturised.

I think scrubs are a strong point in their range and this  micro dermabrasion body renewal followed by their body moisture spray is a really good quick shower routine to get into to, especially pre holiday!

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