Thursday, 14 June 2012

Low Maintenance Beauty.

False Eyelashes , Shellac Nails and St. Tropez Self Tan

Is there such a thing as low maintenance beauty? I think we'd like to believe there is, but to get a few weeks of less input you have to do a bit of work!! So - I've invested in some extra eyelashes for the first time to avoid the constant mascara dilemma on the beach and a shellac manicure. That and some St. Tropez self tan and I feel almost presentable. The close up is a little scary -  but look at the lashes! Love them. They should last two - three  weeks before they need infilling. 

Shellac nails in Tropics


  1. Loving the eyelashes, they look lovely... Still don't think I could have them though!!
    Really like the shellac colour, as you know I'm a complete convert...I'm going for purple next week!!
    Blog is fab!! Xxxxxx

  2. Those lashes look great, I'm so tempted! And what a lovely summery nail colour! xx