Friday, 22 June 2012

Little Girl's Room.

Baby girl grows up

I am at my best working to a deadline and this is a tight one! We get back from holiday this weekend , I am taking my youngest son to Wimbledon on Monday and my little girl's new, "big girl's bed" arrives on Wednesday. So that gives me a day to repaint her room and rearrange it into a more grown up space. Oh, and I forgot to say Tuesday is her 5th birthday. However, I do have everything I need - paint, filler, accessories, a new toy box that I made etc so it is going to be an extra birthday present for her - albeit it a day late. I am not changing the colours - Farrow and Ball pinks and blues, but giving them a freshen up. I have a selection of white frames to put some girly prints into as well. If the room is ready they will be able to assemble the bed for me, so with that as an incentive I shall work all night if I have to. The bed is a midsleeper so not an easy job to put together I hasten to add! We are not having a party for her until the weekend so I'm off the hook with that - a simple family supper with cake will do the trick. 

So here are the before photos - lovely and pink and full of girly clutter, which is how it should be, but needs rearranging and sorting and made a little more 'grown up'. The furniture is all too small for her now and she needs a lot of the toddler toys giving away or selling on e.bay to fund future purchases!

The New Toy Box
This box cost me ten pounds at the local Steptoes yard - sanded down, a lick of eggshell and a new cover and it looks great! Bargain!
I will post at the end of the week with before and after photos of the whole this space - just hoping it comes together alright. x

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