Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Plumb.

"Daddy I think you need a plumb" was my 4 years old advice after hours wasted trying to fix a leaky toilet - wise words and ones which have since been heeded. 
My husband rather sees himself as a expert in most fields, who simply just doesn't have the time to give to the never ending list of jobs we have to do. The rest of us would tend to lean towards the opinion of well meaning amateur or reluctant odd job man.  Personas for some reason he seems somewhat reluctant to adopt. 
However , having wasted a few days trying to mend the aforementioned leaky toilet the wise advice was taken , the 'plumb ' was called and the toilet fixed within a matter of minutes.  With a combination of smug 'I knew it' looks and sheepish 'I should have done that myself' glances , peace was restored and with the early morning ritual of racing for the one working toilet relegated to the past , it was decided to file this under ' best not mentioned again'.

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