Thursday, 8 November 2012

Blink Box

A night out

Following on from my last post about life after children, I thought I would talk a bit about what happens when you need a night out! Here is my run down of what happens when preparing for a night on the tiles for the first time after having a baby:

  • Panic. Ive not been out since before the baby was born so will anything fit.
  • Panic. Who can I trust to baby sit.
  • Phone Mum. She can't do it.
  • Panic. Phone step mum who can't help either.
  • Phone anybody out of desperation and my sister's boyfriend offers.
  • Panic.
  • Write a list as long as my arm about what to do if baby wakes and where we will be with numbers to call. Babysitter nods blankly and asks how the TV works. 
  • Panic.
I remember it being a blur and not getting out for about a year. It became easier as they got older. Now I feel sorry for the babysitter as my little girl views us going out as a night of fun ahead for her. Here are some of the lines she has tried:
  •  "I only sleep on Tuesdays."
  •  "Lemonade gives me superpowers you know."
  • " Mum always makes us hot chocolate with marshmallows at bedtime." 

However, one of the ways around getting a night together, without the hassle and expense of getting a sitter and going out, is to grab a takeaway and watch a film together on the sofa .

Blinkbox is a way to watch movies online on your SmartTV, xbox360, ipad, PC , Mac or TV connected to PC or Mac. You pay for what you want to watch, when you want without being tied to a monthly subscription. You simply make an account, select what you wish to watch, pay to rent or buy and then watch it. I must admit we have been members of Lovefilm for a few years and although we have enjoyed having DVDs sent to us, I don't think we have done it justice and prefer the idea of watching a movie online when we fancy it. We hang on to the DVDs for too long and often the films aren't what we fancy right there and then so I've cancelled my subscription and am giving Blinkbox a go instead. It seems to me a much more instant way of choosing a night in and who doesn't enjoy a good film? I like the idea of not being tied down to a subscription. I can choose to pay for just what I watch.

I was sent some codes courtesy of BlinkBox (thank- you) to redeem and review the service they provide and we chose to watch a couple of films. I watched Kate Perry on my Mac ( not a boys film you see), we also got The Hunger Games and have another to pick . All in all a great success. Easy and simple site to browse and a great way to watch movies online without the hassle of having to leave your house! Definitely worth checking them out over the Christmas period - escape from the Christmas re runs and watch some great films instead!

What are your film recommendations at the moment?


  1. We were the same with Love Film - didn't get good value because we were hanging on to/losing/not getting round to watching films - so I cancelled our subscription too. Our computer and laptop are too slow to watch films online but we do enjoy a good DVD night in, especially at this time of year. Just watched War Horse which we loved, especially as some of it is filmed near us.

    1. Not seen war horse yet - one to try for sure! X

  2. Oh I remember those early days of panic when leaving the baby in the care of a babysitter. I love to watch a good film, but as nice as it is to curl up on the sofa, it doesn't beat the fun of dressing up and going out. Having said that, I resent the fact that a night out at the cinema is no longer a 'cheap night out' because of babysitter costs. The joys of parenthood, eh?!

    1. Babysitting is a good moneymaking scheme - thinking of hiring myself out - paid for watching TV!!! X

  3. Ah I remember all those worries especially when I had three little girls!

  4. I can't bring myself to go to the cinema sometimes - I took Ben to a 3D showing of Arthur Christmas - cost us £17. Ouch. I prefer to stay in these days - bit of a homegirl. And I'm lazy about getting dressed up for going out - I am a creature of comfort. I've not heard of Blink Box but I'm probably unlikely to use it as I watch very little on tv anyway. I sit in the same room as the Grumps who chooses what he wants to watch and I kind of "absorb" the details without directly watching. And it's always an additional £20 extra for babysitters which like you say, gets quite expensive.

  5. I remember those first attempts 'post children' of going out so well! My hubby + I are trying to make an effort to get out more together (maybe once the weather gets a bit better!). We're currently with Netflicks but not sure we're making full use of it! The whole family recently watched The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman and thoroughly enjoyed both - you just can't beat a bit of escapism! xx