Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bourjois Colour Pots

Wednesday Beauty Buys - little shots of colour!

I have been looking for some alternatives to my Mac individual colour pots which I adore, but are a little pricey. I have tried some other high street alternatives and although products such as Stila give good colour , I do find it hard when they poof off the brush all over my face when applying. I try all the tricks of the trade, but at the end of the day I want a quick application with a colour that doesn't go everywhere. The Mac products are perfect for this of course!

However, I do think I may have found two of the three colours I am looking for in these Bourjois products. The 08 to replace Mac's Ploof and Brun Moka 09 to replace my various darker browns I haven't been happy with! Mac have some gorgeous deep brown colours if you do have £12 to spend on a little pot of heaven, but as I am trying to rein things in I shall have to rely on Santa for that one. 

These don't leak everywhere and are gorgeous shots of colour. I would say you need a primer to be applied beforehand to get the richness of the colours, but they apply beautifully and do stay in place then all day. The brown I am particularly pleased with. It is a deeply intense brown and perfect for adding a bit of depth on the eyelids. If you apply with a damp brush it adds even more intensity. I got these from Boots a little while back on a 3 for 2 offer. I do believe they have a buy one, get one half price offer on at the moment at Boots and a 3 for 2 on at SuperDrug! They cost between £6.49 and £6.99 each, full price. Half the price of Mac and a larger product. They are also Paraben free. 

 I just need to find a colour that is similar to Honesty in the Mac range as this is the one I use most and can't find a cheaper alternative. Any suggestions? My criteria is , it must be a single pot (just a weird preference) and mustn't poof everywhere on application. All you beauty lovers must have a solution for me!!

What are your favourite eye shadows at this time of year?

P.S The result of yesterdays loft sort out - good job no one was standing at the bottom! 


  1. Good grief that's some clear out! The Bourjois pots look lovely (I love their blushers - last for ages!). Not sure if this will be any good to you but The Body Shop do a Shimmer Cube Palette, I had this a while ago and loved it - think one of the colours may be similar to the Mac from what I can see? xx

    1. Thank Jenny - I'll take a look! I ended up randomly throwing things out of the loft in the end! It was shameful - we had boxes up there for things we dont even own anymore!!! Although I must say most the junk was not mine !!! My OH is a right hoarder! x

  2. The 08 looks like the one I used to wear for years after reading that Liz Earle swept it over her lids!

  3. The rich brown shadow looks like the perfect all around color.

  4. Very impressed with your sort out !
    I need to do that with a few spaces of my own.
    Love those eyeshadows.