Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cornish Holiday

A much needed break.
The changing faces of Cornwall.
This week couldn't come soon enough for us. My OH has only had two weeks off since last Christmas - the joys of running your own business I suppose. It has been a frantically busy year with so many unexpected things happening that I found myself running on empty. I'm like so many Mums in that I don't have the choice to stop, so keep soldiering on until something gives. This happened a few weeks prior to half term when I was so exhausted and unwell I spent the weekend in bed - something I never do. My OH realised enough was enough and booked us a week away, just like that! Wow, result. Never seen him act so quick!

So we are having a cosy week in the most gorgeously renovated Cornish barn. Immaculately presented and clean with a bottle of wine and Cornish cookies to greet us on arrival. The beds are warm and comfortable, the sofas deep and welcoming, the kitchen well stocked and as the children gleefully pointed out - "it's nicer than yours at home Mum." "Well, Dad will enjoy cooking in it" , was my reply!

We had no high hopes of glorious weather, just rest , walks and good food. The children have wifi, books to read, toys and TV and there is on site entertainment in the form of Tilly, a little dog waiting on the doorstep with a stick for them to throw. With plenty of room and space for them to run it is ideal and within a few hours I can feel the stresses and strains begin to depart from me. I always seem to spend the first day or two sleeping whenever and where ever possible. My OH on the other hand finds boundless energy and wants not only to eat his way around the West Coast of Cornwall , but to visit every beach within driving distance to find the perfect wave. By day three I have found my energy and he has settled down and a contended peace descends. 

We have lazy mornings with proper coffee and croissants for breakfast. We venture out when we are ready to, having promised not to rush. We visit various attractions and find some super and not too expensive little places to eat. The children get over their initial exuberance and settle into enjoying this slower pace of life. Already it is over half way through the week and I am not allowing myself to think about returning just yet.

Funnily enough though, I know by the time Saturday arrives I will be ready to return to my own bed and home comforts, refreshed and ready again for what I expect will be another busy half term.

Happy 1st November !


  1. I love Cornwall - have a lovely time & enjoy your break :-) xx

  2. Looks and sounds like a lovely and well deserved break Claire (I'm very envious!). It's definitely a 'mum' thing to keep going on and on until you physically collapse isn't it? Your husband reminds me of mine on holiday, plans trips and excursions from the moment we get there and I just want to sit and do nothing initially! My hubby only has tomorrow off (after having worked away for most of the week - typical) so it'll be nice to spend a day just pottering with the kids I expect! Enjoy the rest of your hols (I'm going now because I'm waffling again!) xx

  3. Let me know of any places/eateries you recommend as we are off to that Land of peace and tranquility next week. Can't wait! X

    1. P.S So glad you are having a lovely and well deserved break. X

  4. Sounds wonderful... Enjoy the last few days. See you soon. Xx

  5. Never been there, but it looks wonderful. Gorgeous pictures :) x

  6. You make sure you have that break you need as it will be over before you need it but I like you will also be glad to return to the humdrum of normality no matter how noisy and busy it is. The place where you are staying sounds lovely. And what if the kids have got wifi - be thankful - it will entertain them which means you won't need to. No one says that just because you are on holiday you have to go mad - sometimes holidays are just what they say they are - a break. Have a lovely rest.

  7. Oh my! You have a lovely view on your vacation. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you visit again soon! :)

  8. Beautiful photos! Cornwall is one of the places I'd love to visit! Enjoy the rest and care-free time!

  9. It sounds amazing and it looks incredible!

  10. Your Croissant mornings sound relaxing and wonderful.