Friday, 14 February 2014


becoming reality.

This saying actually came in a Birchbox with a twist band hair tie, but it meant so much to me I have stuck it up by my desk for now.

Sometimes the things we really long for always seem out of reach. I never thought I would be doing what I am now , for reasons I won't bore you with, but I am.

Sometimes we have to just reach out and grab our dreams and make them become real, otherwise they may just remain dreams forever.

I feel incredibly grateful.

Hope you are safe in this weather in the UK.


  1. This is so true Claire. Hope you are all ok and the weather is not affecting you to much - take care of yourself xx

  2. Hope everything is well your end Claire x

  3. Very true words Claire.....hope you are all keeping ok.This weather is dreadful but hopefully next week will bring a change!
    ~Anne xx

  4. Hope you are okay Claire. Take care of yourself. And yes - reach for those dreams.

  5. That's just lovely and definitely struck a chord with me. Hope all is ok with you, take care xx

  6. That's so true! Hope you are doing ok, always think of you and your dad. Much love xx

  7. I'm holding on to those words today. I hope you are keeping warm. I'm so ready for spring. xx