Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray

Joy to my hair!

I got the small size of this product to trial a little while ago. It is not cheap and I was reluctant to splash out if it wasn't amazing.

Anyway , of course it had to prove itself a hard working little pot of brilliance didn't it!? The ends of my hair do tend to get quite dry . I think the heating we have at school doesn't help matters as they are old style hot air blowers and you can just feel the moisture being sucked out of the room!  My skin and hair seem very dry at the moment and I have been relying on some great products to keep them in good condition.

I use this spray after blow drying and before styling . My hair drinks it up. I do sometimes spray some on the ends between washes to rejuvenate dry ends. It states on the bottle that it is for ultimate shine and protection and I would agree with that. As long as you aren't heavy handed with it then you can apply a light mist wherever you feel it is needed. I would avoid roots, but mid shafts and ends are perfect.

There is a heavier version of this, but this spray version gives a fine mist of healing oil  which is plenty for me even though I have thick hair.

It gets the big thumbs up and has become a daily fixture in my products. The extra bonus is that instead of paying £22.95 for 125ml , Cheap Smells does it for £10.88 with no postage - result!


  1. This sounds lovely Claire - I've looked at it in the hairdressers often but as you say it is expensive but obviously good stuff! What a bargain from Cheap Smells! Hope you're ok and having a good half term - ours is next week! xx

  2. I so needed half term! Ive had lots of sleep and rest, but not done much with the kids ....mummy guilt! Not sure full time work is my thing really. Have a great week next week! X