Friday, 21 February 2014

Organising your Monika cupboard

or in this case, drawer!

The Monika cupboard. I have a few of these if I'm honest. Maybe not quite on this scale , but you get my drift - As soon as I organise one, another appears! 

My kitchen is probably the most organised room in the house. I was able to squash in loads of drawers and cupboards when we designed it so there is enough room for all my pots, pans and kitchen things. In some of the drawers  I had wood dividers put in to keep things organised , but my largest drawer quickly became like this.

A jumble of everything we dump in the kitchen - half of which is of no use at all. I am trying to reorganise some of my Monika spaces and get rid of the clutter. It is a constant battle, esepcially with a little girl who just loves bits and pieces.

I always have a 3 way plan - keep, throw and donate, when I sort through our things. If it is clothes I am sorting I add an e.bay pile also.

So my first step was to totally empty the drawer and see what there was lurking in there.

I got rid of about half of this stuff by putting it back where it should be in other areas of the house and throwing the junk. The things that we use and are useful I divided into sections using the ever multi purpose Birchboxes.

What was left was put back into some sort of order.

 I have kept to hand the useful items like clothes labels for the kids, parking money pot, spare window keys, tape measure,hand creams and nail scissors, spare sunglasses for gardening, tape measures and torches, pens etc

Come on 'fess up - do you have a Monika cupboard lurking in your dark corners!?


  1. Oh gosh - I thought I was looking at my kitchen drawer then! Honest! Every half year or so or when I can't shut it properly without something getting stuck, I do a kind of "tidy up". But I don't have lovely Birch boxes like you so I use plastic tubs - takeaway containers which have been washed out and kept and arrange them all and sort in to DIY bits, pens, coins etc etc and after a week it all goes to pot again. Ah well - you can but try.

  2. I have many! I love the idea of using your Birchboxes - genius :-) xx

  3. Great idea there is one of these in every house.

  4. I have more than one of these now on a mission to tackle each one:) Have a great weekend Claire!
    ~Anne xx

  5. It is known as the man drawer in our house, unfortunately we have no space for one in the new kitchen! Wait til he! I do have a new hall cupboard for all our junk so we shouldn't have piles on the worktops which I'm notorious for. If only I was organised like you. X

  6. I do this ( empty box idea ) in the kids drawers, for leggings/tights, bibs etc...... never thought of it for the junk drawer in the kitchen, genus idea. Job for the weekend! xx

  7. We have several of these drawers Claire (even cupboards and a cubby hole!) and I suppose with it being half term here next week I should spend some time organising - I have to really be in the mood for this kind of job though - otherwise it does my head in just looking at it! xx

  8. Yes, it's a given! Next week I am tackling ALL the kitchen cupboards & drawers......wish me luck! Xx

  9. Love the recycling of your birchboxes! I have one of these drawers at home, it's the man drawer. Full of useless cr*p and it drives me insane! x