Monday, 24 February 2014

Flowers always make me smile.

Grey and Pink.

I love fresh flowers in my house. 

They always make me feel better about things (even though it is back to work today.) I have loved being at home with my kids having some rest and relaxation over half term. 

 I also have a bit of a thing for grey and pink at the moment so these were a no brainer - shown off beautifully in a charity shop bargain grey vase.

Hope the rain is subsiding where you are in the UK. Roll on spring!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Spring can't come soon enough! x

  2. Lovely flowers and vase Claire:) Have a good week,we have a nice sunny start here today:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. Beautiful pictures and flowers - I love this colour combo too!

    I haven't been doing much blogging recently, so I hope you have survived this awful rainy weather. Nice to bring some 'spring' indoors.


  4. Beautiful flowers for a lovely lady. Have a good week! Xx

  5. Gorgeous Claire! I completely agree - I'm so ready for Spring! xx

  6. Gorgeous flowers, roses are my favourite.