Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

Catch Up!

What a lovely bank holiday weekend! 

We spent a lot of it clearing up and getting on top of some of the sorting we have to do before the next stage of the building work, but still found time to enjoy this glorious sunny weather. We finished the weekend off with a BBQ under the scaffolding!

It was lovely to wake up on a Bank Holiday Monday morning and find that there were no builders here . I needed a day at home , just with family . It has been early mornings all summer here - I just haven't felt able to lie in bed past 7.30am when we have builders in and around the house from the crack of dawn.

I nipped into Boots later in the day, to pick up some Nurofen whilst my middle son was having a tennis lesson . My eye was caught by the Soap and Glory  offer of two items for £15 and I gave in to temptation and grabbed these two. The highlighter was £11 and the quad £10 individually. So whatever way you look at it I got one item greatly reduced. I have been after a couple of eye shadows to replace my favourite Mac ones that are almost at the end. The two colours on the left in the Soap and Glory quad are very similar to these so I snapped them up. Boots also had the added incentive of extra points today - always good in my book!

Mac Eye Shadows
Mac Eye Shadow
Soap and Glory Lid Stuff

I have had my eye on this lovely radiance face powder for some time, so decided this would be my second product. It gives a lovely , subtle sheen to the cheek bones. It is not quite as gold as the TopShop one I have already.

Soap and Glory Radiance face Powder

 Both a nice little treat and pick me up.

 I am intent on enjoying every last scrap of the summer this year. It may have something to do with the fact that we will have no heating or kitchen until the end of September so it HAS to stay warm, sunny and generally dry at least until then. We are living in absolute disarray at the moment which has been a steep learning curve for me. I have had to let things slip, allow myself to "not bother" about things I am usually "very bothered" about. It some ways it has been quite freeing. However, it has been hard work, messy and frustrating. I am not sure I would embark on another project ever again!

The main room of the extension - the kitchen, is ready for the plasterers this week and then we are nearing the floor tiles going down and the kitchen going in. We still have a way to go elsewhere, but everything will become easier and less cramped once we have this space done. I am looking forward to posting before and after shots!

New Kitchen from one end

.....and the other.

We have had a very simple summer with the kids. A weeks camping, a few day trips, beach days, home days, play dates with friends and generally being in and around the village where we live. The kids have a lot of friends locally and there is always a game of football to be had in the park.

I can't believe it is back to school and work next week . 

Too soon.

How was your Bank Holiday Weekend ?

Did you get out and enjoy the mini heatwave?

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

    Your new space will be fantastic, the messy bit is a pain but you are almost there, will be so exciting when the kitchen starts to take shape.

    Love the Soap & Glory bargains! I may have also indulged in new make-up yesterday :-) xx

    1. I am beginning to get excited about it now! Glad I'm not the only one who indulged in a little make up!!

  2. Love the new purchases Claire - I managed to resist the Boots offer this bank holiday - walked out empty handed - can you believe it! Your kitchen looks huge - it's going to be fantastic - can't wait to see it! I too am enjoying the late summer weather - can't have enough of it as far as I'm concerned. Trying to enjoy this last week with the kids as I know come next week all the madness will resume! xx

    1. Me too - want to squeeze every last moment out of this summer . It may not happen again for a few years!! x

  3. We had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend - meal out with friends and a walk in the woods on Saturday; a barbecue at hour house on Sunday and a bike ride and family meal on Sunday. All enjoyed underneath a beautiful blue sky.

    Your extension is coming on a treat.

    1. Sounds like a lovely weekend - I do envy your bike rides. My little girl is not quite confident enough on her bike yet so I end up having her on the back of mine so we can't go far! I'm hoping next year that will change. Hubby takes the boys off road for hours now - they love it! X

  4. I'm sure you can't wait to get that kitchen in Claire...it will be fab:) School is back here and weather isn't great but I have loads of bits to do that were abandoned when summer arrived! Take care:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. I am itching to get into it now Anne - dreaming weird and wonderful dreams about it!! Weather has been lovely recently here - am enjoying it as I keep thinking it may be another 10 years until we get another summer like this!! X

  5. I can't believe how quickly the holidays have gone, I'm dreading Charlie going back to school. I am going to be so jealous of your new kitchen but can't wait till its done and we get to see it x

    1. It's gone too quickly hasn't it!? The routine will be welcome in some ways, but it has been so good this year with the glorious weather - it makes all the difference having them home , I don't want them going back at all yet! X

  6. Like Sharron, I can't believe that next week - the kids will be at school. So soon. Where did the time go? We've had a busy'ish weekend with the Grumps reaching a significant birthday and lots of meeting up with friends and an impromptu bbq along the way and the weather has just been delightful.

    And the MAC eyeshadow .... I have never reached the end of a single eyeshadow ever. Infact I don't think I've ever got more than a third through any makeup item I have apart from one Ruby & Millie nude lipgloss I had years ago when I was still working. I wasn't kidding when I said I was pretty low key and low maintenance.

  7. It is too soon - I have really enjoyed my kids company this year, despite all the chaos! The lovely weather has meant we have been out and about instead of moaning about the rain like last year! Your weekend sounds lovely - love impromptu happenings! Hee hee about the eye shadows! You always look lovely in your photos - I get asked if I am feeling ok if I don't wear make up now so I guess I am stuck with it! I went through these two pretty quick, but they are stupid money so I won't buy again ( yet!) . I think make up and skin care is my down fall - definitely where my pennies get spent :)

  8. Hi there! well done on picking up those lovely goodies in Boots, it makes so much difference when you get get good savings on beauty products. So pleased you've had a good 6 weeks holiday, we didn't go away but it has been good for the weather and now my youngest is older he has been out and about so much with his friends so all in all it's been good! xxx

  9. Still enjoying the sun. The kitchen looks a great size