Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Seche Restore

Wednesday Beauty Buys

Squeeze a little more life out of your favourite polish!

I had a few polishes that were no longer available and although they had product left in the bottle their consistency was becomming a little gloopy . I know the old wives tale of adding some remover to thin it, but I find this makes it weak and the polish chips quickly.

We have all heard about the Bloggers favourite Top Coat Seche Vite, but have you tried their version of restoring your favourite polishes, Seche Restore? You just add a few drops , shake and voila!

It seems to have worked so far for me.....

Have you tried any more of the Seche products?

I did have the base coat, but dropped it on the floor and it is no more. I have reverted back to a base coat from Essie instead that is doing a cracking job.

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  1. My mom who was a cosmetologist years ago, used to tell me to unclump thick polishes with a few drops of nonacetone fingernail polish remover. It's always worked fabulously for me.

  2. Wow - that's a great product. I don't have many nail polishes but the ones I do, I love and sometimes find I can't get them again when they start to dry up. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Must invest in this at some stage - starting to accumulate glupey polishes! xx

    1. Me too glupey polishes are horrid and I hate buying another when I have half a pot left!

  4. Brilliant. That's my kind of thing but Marla has just reminded me about the nail polish remover - might try that one first (cheaper).

    1. Yes - I did say that in the post above if you read it!! The remover thins the polish and makes it chip so for me it is worth spending the little extra. This was my buy two get one free deal too with my base coast and seche vite :) Like marla says though it may work with a different type of remover. I've just not found one that works as well as this.